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Les Miserables

  1. the weight of it all
    Why Extra-Skinny (or Fat) Actresses Win OscarsJust like Anne Hathaway probably will this weekend.
  2. lists
    The 21 Most Badass Bald-Woman MomentsFrom Hathaway to Britney, Cleopatra, and Christian saints.
  3. gifs are magic
    See a GIF of Anne Hathaway Winning a SAG AwardHer “shocked face” impression is getting better.
  4. hot men
    Male Gaze: The Musical Theater Guy We Don’t HateHugh Jackman can do no wrong.
  5. zomg shoes
    Les Miz’s Costume Designer Also Created Vegan Shoes for Anne HathawayAnd wooden clogs for Hugh Jackman.
  6. wardrobe malfunction
    The Exact Moment Anne Hathaway Heard About Her Naked Upskirt Picture“It has hit. It has landed. A bomb has gone off.”
  7. fashion yearbook
    McQueen, Cat-eyes at Les Miz’s New York PremiereAmanda Seyfried wore an intense braid-bun. 
  8. multi-zoom analysis
    Anne Hathaway’s Vegan Tom Ford Boots: Zooming InAnd Tom Ford cape-back dress.
  9. les miz
    It Was Anne Hathaway’s Own Idea to Cut Her Hair OffIn a new short, the makeup artist for Les Miserables shares her on-set beauty strategy.
  10. mizzes
    Anne Hathaway’s After-party Outfit: A Shiny Cape!And strapless Altuzarra.
  11. best diet in a supporting role
    Anne Hathaway Ate More Than Oatmeal PasteThe starved Les Mis actress binged on half a potato. 
  12. cover girls
    Anne Hathaway’s Les Mis Diet Was Historically Accurate, Sort Of?Dried-up crackers made of old oatmeal.
  13. quotables
    Even Victoria Beckham Thinks She Looks Miserable in PicturesBut she knows she is a happy person!