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    Bermuda Reversed Gay Couples’ Right to MarryThey’re the first country to pass and then repeal same-sex marriage.
  2. Women’s Rights Activists Respond to Trump’s New HHS Division“This just exemplifies the actual changes from this administration that really will affect people’s lives and our democracy.”
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    This Man Was Denied a Marriage License by Kim Davis, Now He Wants Her JobDavid Ermold applied to run for Rowan County Clerk in Kentucky today.
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    Here Are the Most Satisfying Wins of the 2017 ElectionFrom the woman who ran after a politician made fun of the Women’s March to the trans candidate who beat a transphobic state legislator.
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    Trump Reportedly Signs Order Banning Transgender People From Joining MilitaryTrump follows through on his tweets, but leaves the status of openly transgender active service members up to Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
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    This Photographer Chronicled the LGBT Rights Movement in 1970s San FranciscoYou may know Daniel Nicoletta’s work from his Harvey Milk Forever stamp.
  7. Senator Tells High-School Students Some LGBT People Are Asking to Be Bullied“You can be just about anything you want to be, as long as you don’t push it in somebody’s face.”
  8. Trump Will Issue New Guidelines on Treatment of Transgender Students“The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’-rights issue and not one for the federal government.”
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    This State’s Supreme Court Just Blocked Birth Certificates for Same-Sex CouplesArkansas Supreme Court says biological parents must be listed.
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    Walmart Just Settled a Groundbreaking Case for Same-Sex CouplesThe company will compensate same-sex couples whose spouses were denied insurance benefits.
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    This Woman’s Court Case Could Secure LGBT Rights in the WorkplaceLegal experts say Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College could go to the Supreme Court.
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    Every One of Donald Trump’s Cabinet Picks So Far Opposes LGBT RightsNot a pro-LGBT lawmaker in sight.
  13. politics
    Trump Aide: Elton John Will Play at Inauguration to Show ‘Pro–Gay Rights Stance’A spokesman for Elton John firmly denied this.
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    This Insane Bill Would Force Teachers to Out LGBT Students to Their ParentsIt entitles any Texas parent to information on their child’s “general physical, psychological or emotional well-being.”
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    This Is the Future of LGBT Rights Under President Trump and It’s Not PrettyMarriage equality is probably safe, but trans rights and anti-discrimination provisions are likely to disappear.
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    Most Americans Are in Favor of Laws Protecting LGBT PeopleYes, even Republicans.
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    Donald Trump Just Said ‘LGBTQ.’ Here’s Why That’s Unusual.Why most lawmakers don’t include “queer” when they’re talking about the gay community.
  18. youth
    A Depressing Chart About How Hard it Is to Be a Gay or Bisexual High-SchoolerWe’d like to think society has made progress on LGBT rights, but something very different is going on in schools.
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    Dems to Adopt Most Pro-LGBT Platform in HistoryIn stark contrast to the GOP.
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    LGBT People Most Frequent Targets of Hate CrimesWell before Orlando, this was the case.
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    Prince William Is the First Royal to Appear on the Cover of a Gay Magazine“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason.”
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    Court Won’t Change Virginia Transgender RulingThe ruling was the first to find transgender students are protected under Title IX.
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    Oklahoma’s Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill Rightfully BackfiredFor now, this fight is over.
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    New Survey Shows Frightening Anti-LGBT Bias WorldwideA majority of respondents would be upset if their child were gay.
  25. transgender rights
    First Transgender Woman Elected in PhilippinesIt’s a historic victory. 
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    Federal Judge Puts an End to Mississippi’s Ban on LGBT-Couple AdoptionsNow same-sex couples are free to adopt in all 50 states.
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    Body Glitter and Rainbow Eye Shadow at New York’s Pride Parade Colorful scenes from yesterday’s momentous celebration.
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    John Oliver Has a Simple Rule for Avoiding TransphobiaIf you wouldn’t ask Jimmy Carter whether he’s circumcised, don’t ask a trans person about their genitals.
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    Now Is a Good Time to Feel Optimistic About Marriage EqualityTalking with Jim Obergefell, the man behind the historic SCOTUS case.