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  1. science of us
    When Straight Parents Don’t Know How to Talk to Their LGBTQ Kids About SexAccording to a new study, that’s a lot of them.
  2. winter olympics 2018
    Gay Olympic Skater Slams Mike Pence’s Homophobic ViewsThe vice-president is leading the U.S. Delegation to the Winter Olympics.
  3. hot shot
    Doug Jones’s Gay Son Stares Down Mike PenceAs Pence swore in his father.
  4. lgbtq issues
    The Best Part of Battle of the Sexes Isn’t the Tennis, It’s the Queer Love StoryAnd that’s a big deal.
  5. lgbtq issues
    Transgender Model Juliet Evancho Says Trump Just Makes Her Want to Fight HarderShe walked in dapperQ’s New York Fashion Week show Thursday night.
  6. lgbtq issues
    Marriage-Equality Advocate Edith Windsor Dies at 88Her Supreme-Court case struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.
  7. The ACLU Is Suing the Trump Administration Over Its Ban on Transgender TroopsThe suit claims the ban violates the equal-protection clause of the Constitution.
  8. Kristen Stewart Explains Her Sexuality With a Grilled-Cheese MetaphorA master of metaphors.
  9. politics
    Most Americans Oppose Discriminating Against LGBTQ People Because of ReligionAlmost two-thirds of Americans don’t think businesses should be able to discriminate against LGBTQ people on the pretext of religion.
  10. first person
    Desert Hearts Is My Ultimate Queer Style InspirationIn honor of the movie’s rerelease, an ode to a fashion icon.
  11. politics
    Almost 50 Senators Urge Defense Secretary Not to Implement Ban on Trans TroopsSenator Kirsten Gillibrand penned a letter to Defense Secretary Mattis asking him not to go through with the ban.
  12. politics
    The Department of Justice Argued Against Protecting LGBTQ WorkersThe DOJ filed a legal brief saying that the Civil Rights Act doesn’t ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  13. Straight Couple Applauded for ‘Embracing Gender Fluidity’Thank goodness we have Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik to free us from our restrictive binary perceptions of gender.
  14. politics
    Jeff Sessions Says He’ll Crack Down on Hate Crimes Against Transgender WomenHe was addressing federal prosecutors at a hate-crimes summit in Washington.
  15. politics
    Nikki Haley Says She Was Booed at New York’s Pride ParadeThe crowd reportedly shouted “hateful things” at her and her son.
  16. lgbtq issues
    Why I’m Skipping Pride and Going to the Dyke March This year, I’d rather protest than parade.
  17. lgbtq culture
    Inside Babetown, the Queer Pop-up Dinner Party That Sells Out in Hours“Babetown is what it looks like when something is a good idea.”
  18. transgender issues
    This Teen Is Suing His High School Over Sharing a Bathroom With a Trans StudentThe suit claims the boy was “emotionally harmed” by sharing a bathroom with a trans student.
  19. lgbtq issues
    Kentucky Just Passed a Law That Allows LGBTQ Discrimination in SchoolsThe “religious freedom” law could bar LGBTQ students from joining student groups.
  20. lgbtq rights
    Katy Perry on Going From Jesus Camps to Kissing Girls“Truth be told, I did more than that.”
  21. Supreme Court Won’t Hear Landmark Transgender Rights CaseGavin Grimm’s case was sent back to a lower court.
  22. An LGBTQ Suicide-Hotline Volunteer on Talking to Trans Youth in Trump’s America“The biggest thing I’ve learned is that it makes such a difference for them to just have a safe place to talk.”
  23. activism
    Queer Sex Is Not Resistance — or at Least, Not Resistance EnoughDon’t let yourself off the hook for activism that requires more than getting off.
  24. lgbtq issues
    Tegan and Sara Launch a Foundation to Benefit LGBTQ Women and GirlsIts mission is to fight for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ women and girls.
  25. politics
    A Shocking Number of Transgender Americans Are Afraid to Use Public RestroomsAccording to a groundbreaking new survey.