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  1. culture
    Life Is Easier With a Fake AssistantTikTok is full of advice on how to get free stuff by pretending to be your own assistant. So I tried it out myself.
  2. thank god for tiktok!
    Anna Marie Tendler Is Clearly ThrivingShe joined TikTok to teach us how to put on a duvet cover and butter toast.
  3. culture
    Finally, a Useful Billionaire Life HackSumner Redstone shaped the modern media landscape. He also programmed his iPad to insult people.
  4. lifehacks
    I Want to Be Rivers Cuomo’s Tinder MuseThe easiest way to get a song written about you.
  5. life hacks
    How I Finally Made Twitter TolerableTurns out the only person I want to hear online is myself.
  6. get a hobby
    Make Dating Less Miserable: Treat It Like a HobbyA modest proposal to make Tinder more bearable.
  7. good/better/best
    Being an Excellent Listener Is All About EmpathyAdvice for varying levels of commitment.
  8. get it together
    How to Organize Your Giant Tote BagNo more digging for your house keys.
  9. life hacks
    Are You Brave Enough for Vivienne Westwood’s Skin-Care Tip?You might need more deodorant.
  10. shelf improvement
    If the Internet Has Melted Your Brain, Try My Demented Reading StrategyYou, too, can read 17 books at once.
  11. shelf improvement
    I Hate This Book About Lifehacks, But I Can’t Stop Reading ItWhat if somewhere in these 600 pages lies a valuable nugget of self-transformative gold?
  12. dirtbag fashion
    Hot Outside? Try Summer JeansThe trend you’ve been waiting for.
  13. life hacks
    The Key to Perfect Skin Is Not Having KidsAt least according to Chloë Sevigny.
  14. i am not oprah
    Oprah Finally Reveals How to Achieve Full OprahShe’s into twitter, not Twitter.
  15. lifehacks
    How to Have a Summer of Sweat-Free SexTips for preserving your comfort and your bed linens.