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Life Lessons

  1. life lessons
    John Mayer Discovers the Best and Worst Way to Eat Mini Oreos“I’ve learned a lot from putting cookies in milk.”
  2. life lessons
    Alexa Chung Finally ‘Gets’ the Whole ‘Working in an Office’ ThingShe gets it now!
  3. women in politics
    7 Lessons Progressives Learned From Phyllis SchlaflyYou can learn a lot from the successes of your enemies.
  4. hairy situations
    Zendaya on How to Love Yourself and Your HairTalking to America’s wisest teen, who says she’s “19 going on 90.” 
  5. life lessons
    Beyoncé Demonstrates How to Give an Order and Still Look GoodThe greatest lesson Beyoncé ever taught us.
  6. life lessons
    Ciao, Bella: 15 Lessons From My Life in ItalyFlip-flops are gross, la vita è bella, and more.
  7. life lessons
    7 Things My Mother Taught Me About MarriageIncluding “Have fun being single.”
  8. guides
    #GIRLBOSS: A Millennial Alternative to Lean InBusiness advice gets a Nasty makeover.
  9. life lessons
    What Did the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Learn in 2 Months?What do squab, Liberace, and corkscrews have in common?
  10. life lessons
    Irina Shayk Demonstrates How to Get Rid of a StalkerWhen the police fail, complain about him loudly at Bed Bath & Beyond.
  11. life lessons
    Tom Ford’s Style Rules Include, Shockingly, SexStraight men should go gay at least once, he feels. And gays, get with the ladies.