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  1. star material
    Everything to Know About Mercury RetrogradeHere’s what astrologers say it means, when it’ll happen in 2023, and what to avoid when it does.
  2. space
    The Moon Has a Tiny New FriendAstronomers believe they may have discovered a new “mini-moon.”
  3. unsolicited advice
    Just Do SomethingA helpful tip for feeling overwhelmed.
  4. science of us
    A Book That Helped Me Accept SadnessLife is hard, expectations are manageable.
  5. science of us
    I Reluctantly Love This Website About How to Live and BeA guide I didn’t realize I badly wanted.
  6. the cut opinion pages
    Magnolia Flowers Become Leaves Too FastA very reasonable plea to nature.
  7. the cut opinion pages
    The Secret to Almost Being Okay With Being AwakeAnd he might already be in your kitchen.
  8. science of us
    It’s Okay to Be PurposelessFor now and probably forever.
  9. science of us
    I Know You Know That Happiness Is FleetingBut it’s so easy to forget.
  10. the cut opinion pages
    I’m Calling Hypocrisy on These ‘Good-Enough Life’ AdvocatesI’m not buying it anymore!
  11. promises promises
    How to Finally Stop SlouchingEverything we tried to fix our posture in 2019.
  12. dogs
    At Last, the Top Dog Names of 2018Unfortunately, use of the name Pennywise has gone up 500 percent.
  13. oops maybe try another planet
    Allegedly Impending Space Aliens Have Terrible TimingHarvard researchers say a spacecraft may be headed our way.
  14. sad bird science
    You Can’t Be Both Hot and Talented, If You’re a Male BirdSad news from science.
  15. death
    Widower Brings His Wife’s Photo to the Sea Every DayMy husband better do this.
  16. don’t do this
    Clarinet Boyfriend Awarded $350,000 After Girlfriend Ruined His Clarinet LifeAnd all he wanted to do was learn how to play clarinet better.
  17. father’s day
    Watching My Husband Become a Weird DadThe man I married has joined the ranks of strange fathers.
  18. questions that need answers
    Let Pizza Make All Your Major Decisions for YouA hot and cheesy oracle.
  19. survey says
    Women Try More Diets Than Sex PartnersLife math.
  20. Photos: How the Wealthy Lived It Up in Italy As captured by Slim Aarons in his new book, La Dolce Vita.