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  1. motherhood
    Not All Women Are Waiting Until Their Late 20s to Become MothersA new report shows how much education and geography influence the average age of first-time mothers.
  2. rosie the editor
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Launched Her Own Beauty BlogYou can call her Rosie the Editor.
  3. Radical Beauty: These Lifestyle Vampires Are Serious About Their FangdomFather Sebastiaan is the founder of the Sabretooth Clan, a vampire social community. He lets us into his fang-making studio and a vampire ball.
  4. meghan markle
    Suits Actress Meghan Markle Shuttered Her Lifestyle Site, the TigShe wants to focus on Suits and humanitarian work.
  5. my two cents
    How Much Will a Pet Actually Cost Me?The truth hurts.
  6. lifestyle
    Marla Maples Just Launched a Lifestyle Site and It’s Kind of NutsJoin us on this journey through MarlaMaples.com.
  7. purge or be purged
    Introducing the Purge, a Rage-Based Cleaning MethodA necessary corrective to the KonMari approach.
  8. lifestyle
    These Men Who Want to Live As Dogs May Be the Only Sane People LeftWho wouldn’t want the life of a dog?
  9. aspiration
    Why Am I Following Aaron Paul’s Wife on Instagram?“I Like This Bitch’s Life,” Lauren Paul edition.
  10. hypotheticals
    Types of Women I Could Be, But Am NotSurveying the possibilities.
  11. conscious uncoupling
    Gwyneth Paltrow Still Drags Chris Martin to BrunchThe conscious uncoupling is alive and well.
  12. look of the day
    Reese Witherspoon Spread Southern Zen“Namaste, y’all!”
  13. i like this bitch's life
    I Wish I Could Sell You a $200 Wooden SpoonI Like This Bitch’s Life: Ariele Alasko edition.
  14. books
    It Doesn’t Matter If Gwyneth Paltrow Is Wrong About EverythingDespite what a new book argues.
  15. keeping score
    Martha Stewart Grades Her Lifestyle StudentsWhich celebrity lifestyle brands pass the ultimate test?
  16. side hustles
    A Reese Witherspoon Hotel Is the Only Thing That Makes Sense in this World Hotel, motel, Reese Witherspoon Inn.
  17. best bets
    Upgrade Your Dinner Game With This Gold FlatwarePinterest ready.
  18. living la vida lively
    Blake Lively’s Goop-y Site Is Launching SoonLiving la vida Lively.
  19. naming things
    Reese Witherspoon’s Lifestyle Company Sounds Kind of Mad Men–ThemedShe named it Draper James? 
  20. broadminded
    No Sex, Please — We’re Domestic GoddessesThe higher the thread count, the more infrequent the sex. The sexless tyranny of Pinterest femininity.
  21. bump (non-)watch
    Gisele Might Not Be Pregnant, But She Has a Due DateThanks to the all-knowing celebrity tabloids, natch.