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  1. make it work
    Lawsuit Majorly Delays Sixth Season of ‘Project Runway’It probably won’t hit the air until late next summer.
  2. beauty marks
    Rafael Nadal Inks Lanvin Campaign Deal; Why Women Wear Bigger BrasAlso Sharon Stone wanted her son to get Botox, and M.A.C’s Emanuel Ungaro collection hits counters.
  3. making it work
    What the ‘Project Runway’ Lawsuit Means for ‘Project Runway’Taping will continue as planned while the show remains homeless. Which means LiLo stays!
  4. making it work
    ‘Project Runway’ Saved From Lifetime Move!A judge ruled NBC should have had the chance to match Lifetime’s offer for the show.
  5. l.a. runway
    Lindsay Lohan to Guest-Judge ‘Project Runway’ on LifetimeFinally giving us a reason to tune in to the next season!
  6. l.a. runway
    ‘Project Runway’ Designers Will Get Better Sewing Machines in L.A.Heidi Klum says the stuff they use at Parsons is junky and they always complain about it
  7. loose threads
    Brad Shoots Angelina for ‘W’; Ed Norton Shills Watches, JewelryAlso, the U.S. Open pop-up shop just opened, and ‘Playboy’ launches a bra.
  8. Critics: Lifetime’s ‘Coco Chanel’ Movie SucksIt’s boring, saturated with bad acting, and generally laughably crappy. You know, like other every Lifetime original movie.
  9. run through
    The Season-Six Casting of ‘Project Runway’ Is Not Like the OthersFormer contestant Nick Verreos judged in Chicago over the weekend and blogged about how different it was.
  10. cult of personality
    Harvey Weinstein Voluntarily Forgoes His ‘Project Runway’ Emmy NodEmmy rules dictate only fifteen producers can win. ‘Runway’ has sixteen.
  11. run through
    Bravo’s ‘Project Runway’ Replacement: ‘Fashion House’In Bravo’s new reality show teams of designers will live in a house together and work to create entire lines for potential commercial sale.
  12. run through
    Weinstein and Zucker’s Diva Battle for ‘Project Runway’Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker testified before a judge over whether NBC has a shot at keeping the show. And things got nasty.
  13. run through
    ‘Project Runway’ Scores Five Emmy Noms; Heidi Klum Scores TwoIt’s too bad there’s no room to show a little Emmy love to Tim Gunn.
  14. run through
    Garcia Is Saddened by ‘Project Runway’ Relocation; Klum Is NotKlum says the designers on the show can do what they do “anywhere,” even on Mars.
  15. run through
    New Producers Imminent When ‘Project Runway’ Moves to LifetimeBunim-Murray, the folks who brought us ‘Living Lohan’ and 21 seasons of the ‘Real World’ are thisclose to signing on to ‘Project.’
  16. run through
    Heidi Klum: ‘Project Runway’ Will Get a Face-lift on LifetimeKlum reveals in a video that the show will look different, and she makes it sound like the entire season will be shot in L.A.
  17. run through
    Oh, Joy: Nina Garcia Stays on ‘Project Runway’!Nina Garcia will stay on at ‘Elle’ as an editor-at-large through September 1, enabling her to keep her judge’s seat on ‘Project Runway’ for its fifth season airing this July.
  18. run through
    What If Nina Garcia Moves to ‘Marie Claire’ Before Season Five?Let’s just say someone is going to get screwed here, and we’re placing bets on ‘Elle.’
  19. run through
    ‘Project Runway’ Loses ProducersNBC struck a deal with the show’s executive producers to prevent them from following the series over to Lifetime. This show is really doomed.
  20. run through
    Breaking: ‘Project Runway’ Moving to LARemember when it was announced that Project Runway was moving to Lifetime? That’s not the only move the show’s making.
  21. loose threads
    Heidi and Spencer’s New Show; More ‘Project Runway’ DramaHeidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a ‘Newlyweds’-type show in the works, Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker’s ‘Project Runway’ spat continues, and NIna still mulls.
  22. run through
    Breaking: ‘Project Runway’ Moves From Bravo to LifetimeWe’ve just received word that come this November, Project Runway will move from Bravo to Lifetime, the “No. 1 network for women” and made-for-television movies starring Meredith Baxter Birney. Please note the adjustment on your DVRs!