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Lil Miquela

  1. broken brain
    Wait, How Much Money Is This Robot Influencer Making??It’s a big number.
  2. sure why not
    CGI Influencer ‘Consciously Uncoupling’ From Human BoyfriendLil Miquela and her alive boy, Nick, are no more.
  3. the matrix
    Bella Hadid Made Out With a CGI InfluencerAs part of Calvin Klein’s new campaign.
  4. How We Made Our Own CGI Influencer in 48 HoursA look at how to grow your own Lil Miquela.
  5. influencers
    Lil Miquela’s Body Con JobMiquela Sousa has over 1 million followers on Instagram and was recently hacked by a Trump troll. But she isn’t real.
  6. shooketh
    A Pro-Trump Troll Hacked Instagram’s Favorite Virtual InfluencerThe most 2018 drama.