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Linda Rodin

  1. let’s makeup
    Rodin Released 5 New, Beautiful LipsticksThere’s a shade named after Linda Rodin’s dog.
  2. gift guide 2017
    13 Beauty Gift Ideas Under $15A mini lipstick, a fancy lip gloss ring, and more.
  3. Why This Beauty Icon Doesn’t Dye Her Gray Hair“Do men have an opinion about women having gray hair? Who cares?”
  4. let’s makeup
    Linda Rodin Created the Best Vintage-Inspired Luxury LipsticksAnother hit from Rodin.
  5. Linda Rodin Doesn’t Believe in ‘Real Beauty’The skin-care guru says it’s all relative.
  6. Linda Rodin’s Demanding Sleep Regimen“I’m like an infant.”
  7. New York’s Chicest 68-Year-Old Woman on Why She’s Happily SingleBeauty icon Linda Rodin doesn’t need a man.
  8. wellness theories
    Linda Rodin Shares Her Wellness Secrets“I do like to drink wine.”