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  1. obsessive tester
    21 Nude Lipsticks Made Just for Black WomenNo chalky formulas or ashy pinks here.
  2. let’s makeup
    What Makeup Are You Excited to Wear Again?The Cut talked to ten beauty enthusiasts about the looks they missed most.
  3. we tried this
    What’s a Good Lipstick for Working From Home?Testing a popular one from Lisa Eldridge.
  4. a whole new rouge
    Dior’s New Lipsticks Have Skin Care in ThemBecause your lips are skin, too.
  5. we tried this
    5 Women Try NARS’s New LipsticksThere are 72 new shades.
  6. we tried this
    8 Women Try Gucci’s New LipsticksDo the fancy lipsticks measure up?
  7. lunchtime buy
    Here’s a Great Deal on Pat McGrath’s LipstickMini, cute, and affordable.
  8. sealed with a kiss
    I Found the Best Matte Drugstore LipstickAfter conducting intensive research.
  9. deal of the day
    M.A.C’s Highly Culty Ruby Woo (Plus More Red Lipsticks) Are Only $16 TodayThe world’s most popular red lipsticks are even cheaper.
  10. let’s makeup
    The Best 37 Oscars Lipsticks of All TimeYou can still buy Angelina Jolie’s shade right now.
  11. Rihanna Has a New Lipstick for PMSShe wants you to look good even when you have cramps.
  12. advent calendar 2017
    This 1920s-Inspired Lipstick Set Is a Great GiftA NARS lip set that’s a tribute to Man Ray.
  13. lunchtime beauty
    How to Get Kim Kardashian’s LipstickIt’s called Kim K.W.
  14. let’s makeup
    Linda Rodin Created the Best Vintage-Inspired Luxury LipsticksAnother hit from Rodin.
  15. lip service
    How to Pick a Lipstick Like Lupita Nyong’o’sOn matching (or not matching) your lips to your Oscars gown.
  16. i don’t pop molly i rock tom ford
    Tom Ford Planning a Beyoncé-Style Lipstick DropHe’s releasing 50 new lipsticks all at once.
  17. beauty
    The 48 Best Cult and Classic Lip Shades of All TimeThe ultimate list for lip obsessives.
  18. tasteful nudes
    British People Are Buying More Nude LipsticksThanks to Kim Kardashian. 
  19. faves
    Editor’s Picks: 5 New Lips to Try This WeekA shock of color for below-freezing temperatures.
  20. beauty collaborations
    MAC and Proenza Schouler Surf Into SpringThe duo is collaborating on a new makeup collection.
  21. retail therapy
    Perfect Your Pout With 105 Lipsticks, Glosses, and MoreWe sampled everything from classic reds to work-appropriate nudes in our latest Shop-A-Matic.
  22. beauty marks
    Halle Berry Releases Second Fragrance; New Bras Feature Milk Proteins and Claim to Hydrate SkinAnd Ellis Faas’s makeup line launches at Bergdorf Goodman this weekend.
  23. retail therapy
    115 Lipsticks, Stains, and Balms You’ll Wear This SummerToo humid for makeup? Nonsense! We picked 115 of the best lipsticks, stains, balms, and glosses for the summer.
  24. beauty marks
    Marc Jacobs Inducted Into Fragrance Hall of Fame; How to Use Beer on Your HairAnd Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s secret to her flawless complexion can be found in a drink in Paris.
  25. beauty marks
    How to Wear Black Lip Color Without Looking Like a VampireWe scouted makeup counters to find out where the black glosses are still available and tested them so you know just how to wear them.
  26. beauty marks
    Marc Ecko to Launch Fragrance; Yoga Promises Natural Face-liftPlus, bergamot oil is a natural deodorizer, and spraying your makeup with hairspray will keep your paint in place.
  27. beauty marks
    Taylor Momsen Is Just 15 But Dresses Like She’s 35Also, Jacques Cousteau’s daughter shills products, and the makeup artist from ‘Project Runway’ advises.
  28. beauty marks
    Palin-Inspired Pale’n Pink Lipstick Hits the MarketAlso, Botox won’t improve your social life, and greasy hair is bad for your skin. Who knew?!
  29. beauty marks
    Class-Action Lipstick Lawsuit Against LVMH Moves ForwardAlso, Christina Aguilera might have a lip-gloss addiction, Antonio Banderas gives back with perfume, and Armani’s new scent costs $115.
  30. cult of personality
    Arden Wohl Defaces Ralph Lauren Store, Gets ArrestedShe wrote “Ralphy Lip-shits” on the Ralph Lauren store in the Hamptons and stole their decorative flags.
  31. beauty marks
    J.Lo’s New Do; Treatments for Bacne and Chapped LipsJ.Lo goes to Rita Kazan for highlights, Kate Bosworth gets Dior lip gloss before the rest of us, and Estée Lauder’s Sensuous ad campaign has one killer lineup.
  32. retail therapy
    Shop-A-Matic Lipsticks: 109 Reasons to Pucker Up If you marched into Sephora, tested every lipstick, gloss, stain, and balm, and wiped off each and every one with a tissue or, worse, a cotton pad, you would have one severely tender pout when you were all done. And we would never want that for you! So we sacrificed our kissers and performed the rather unglamorous task of testing 400 lipsticks, glosses, stains, and balms to select our 109 favorites for our latest lipsticks Shop-A-Matic.
  33. retail therapy
    Aveda Lipstick Cuts Out the Beetle PigmentWhat’s on your lips? Dead beetle eggs? No, actually, dead beetle eggs. Allow us to explain, at least for the sake of your daily dose of TMI: Many lipsticks are stocked with carmine pigments, a red color taken from the dried and crushed shells, wings, and eggs of the female cochineal beetle. Yum.
  34. let’s makeup
    Nicki Minaj Is Making Lipstick With M.A.C CosmeticsNicki nudes.