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  1. sexual assault
    Model Files Sexual Assault Police Report Against Paul Marciano, Mohamed HadidModel Miranda Vee has accused the Guess co-founder and the father of Bella and Gigi Hadid of sexual misconduct.
  2. sexual harassment
    ‘You Could Have Just Beat Him Up. Why Didn’t You?’In the wake of their explosive allegations against fashion photographer Bruce Weber, two male models explain the complex dynamics of speaking out.
  3. the harvey weinstein case
    Lisa Bloom Reportedly Tried to Share ‘Files’ on Rose McGowan’s ‘Sexual History’The Daily Beast has uncovered more unsavory details about her time as Harvey Weinstein’s attorney.
  4. family feuds
    Kardashians Started a ‘War’ With Blac Chyna, Says Lisa BloomChyna is suing the whole Kardashian clan for interfering in the cancellation of her show.
  5. the harvey weinstein case
    Lisa Bloom Finally Explains Why She Took the Harvey Weinstein CaseShe says she would never represent a man like Harvey Weinstein again.
  6. the harvey weinstein case
    Email Prankster Reportedly Tricks Lisa Bloom Into Talking About Harvey WeinsteinThe attorney reportedly claimed she didn’t know the severity of the allegations.
  7. the harvey weinstein case
    Gloria Allred Is Now Representing a Harvey Weinstein AccuserShortly after her daughter Lisa Bloom quit as his adviser.
  8. the harvey weinstein case
    The Biggest Bombshells in the Harvey Weinstein Sexual-Harassment ReportAshley Judd and several other women go on the record.
  9. the harvey weinstein case
    Why Is Lisa Bloom Representing Harvey Weinstein?We have a theory.
  10. work
    How I Get It Done: Lisa BloomThe high profile attorney on her morning routine, representing Blac Chyna and why she takes her whole family to Burning Man every year.
  11. Blac Chyna Threatens to Sue Ferrari If He Posts Her Nude ImagesFerrari posted images of him in bed with Chyna last week.