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Lisa Frank

  1. nostalgia
    These Lisa Frank Pajamas Will Help You Recapture Your Elementary-School YearsPerfect for those who can stomach unicorn anything.
  2. WATCH: Lisa Frank Is Coming for Your Makeup KitYou may remember her designs from your third-grade school supplies.
  3. backstage beauty lessons
    Fashion Week Accidentally Created Lisa Frank NailsWish I had these for my first day of school.
  4. mating rituals
    Famous Pink Dolphin Just Doesn’t Want to Be Tied Down Right Now, Okay?Pinky the dolphin is not pregnant, but she is sleeping around.
  5. Now You Can Dress Like Your Elementary-School Science FolderWhat took so long.
  6. 90s nostalgia never dies
    ‘Lisa Frank ’90s Adult Coloring Book’ Wins Today’s Internet Mad LibsAre we sure this is not just a coloring book?
  7. lisa frankification
    Fancy Polar Bears Are Pooping GlitterIn Canada, in lots of different colors.
  8. tarot time
    Note to Preteen Self: Travel to Future, Buy New Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Lisa! Frank!
  9. fever dreams
    This Pink Desert Is the Stuff of Lisa Frank DreamsNow we just need some purple jewel-encrusted camels.
  10. adulting
    Dior’s New Project Is a Sticker Book for AdultsIn collaboration with V magazine.
  11. animals
    Pink Dolphin Swims Out of Lisa Frank Poster and Into Louisiana RiverIt’s not a Lisa Frank fever dream, it’s an actual pink dolphin.
  12. fine art
    See Lisa Frank’s Early PaintingsNary a dolphin or unicorn!
  13. loose threads
    Halle Berry Claims She’s Related to Sarah PalinPlus, Karl Lagerfeld is going to work forever.
  14. quotables
    Lisa Frank’s Home Looks Like You Think It Does“My house really is purple and yellow and hot pink and light green and orange.”
  15. loose threads
    Lisa Frank Apparel; Hunger Games SketchesPlus, Erin O’Connor is on a new magazine cover.