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    12 Amazing, Totally Real, Not-at-All-Made-Up Powers of the Mediterranean DietSome not yet proven by science.
  2. equal pay
    Here Are the U.S. Cities With the Best and Worst Pay EqualityWe’re closer to achieving women’s pay equality in some cities than we are in others.
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    10 Reasons These Pumpkins Are PukingLooks like somebody just told this pumpkin to smile.
  4. 180s
    What If Sexism Is Actually Great?The Post makes us rethink some things.
  5. studies
    30 Things That Are Making You FatBeing alive is a common thread.
  6. research
    20 Things People Supposedly Like More Than SexWhat’s better than getting laid? Internet access.
  7. girlsplainer
    Why Adult Women Squeal Like Teenage Girls Sometimes“Why do women squeal?” he asked. Let me explain.
  8. recommended reading
    Looking for Smart Women to Follow on Twitter?Read the hashtag, not the listicle.
  9. girlsplainer
    The 5 Reasons Girls Type Like Thissss“Thaaaanks” is the new “thanks so much.”