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  1. lists
    An Exhausting Guide to Pete Davidson’s Love LifeA journey through time, space, and romance.
  2. culture
    Introducing the Native Son 101 Class of 2022 ListThe alphabetical index honors 101 Black queer men who have made an impact this year in their respective fields.
  3. lists
    A Taxonomy of the Essential Post-Bachelor Reality-TV Dating ShowsAll the competitive and manufactured romance and heartbreak since the original rose-bearer.
  4. mysteries
    Things That Could Be ‘The Snyder Cut’What is it? We may never ever know, and please don’t tell us.
  5. self
    25 Famous Women on Crying“My friends will tell you I love crying. Almost as much as I love sleeping.”
  6. fashion
    The Most Ridiculous Outfits on The L WordThe lesbian drama has given us so much.
  7. praise be
    Maybe You Should Go a Little Wild on This Powerful Moon DayHonor the full harvest moon by free-bleeding, planting your fall crops, and singing Lana.
  8. lists
    Every Thinker Cited in This 2,600-Word Defense of the Missionary PositionLet’s review Quillette’s screed on the sex position.
  9. memes
    The Funniest Tweets From the Met Gala 2019Are memes camp? Yes!
  10. lists
    20 Things John Mayer Looks Like in This PhotoThe smell of Axe Body Spray and American Spirits, a sip of Coors Light when you’re parched, and more.
  11. opinions
    Fall Activities, RankedFirst of all, apple picking is a scam.
  12. necessary language
    A Running List of Every Time Senator Mazie Hirono Has Called BSSometimes it’s the only way to describe a situation.
  13. hairy situations
    Timothée Chalamet Got a Haircut and Now He Looks Like ThisIt will grow back.
  14. 420 blaze it
    20 Things We Would Rather Watch Than Elon Musk Smoking Weed With Joe RoganThe video from The Ring, for one.
  15. goop shade
    Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Know What the Cut IsWe’re deeply wounded.
  16. totally soaked
    The 10 Horniest Men in LiteratureAn objective list.
  17. the skin we’re in
    25 Cult Classic Skin-Care Products You Need to KnowFrom the cleanser that provides perfect hydration to the serum that feeds your skin.
  18. satc anniversary
    All 94 Sex and the City Flings, RankedFrom the absolute worst sex to the absolute most okay sex.
  19. anniversaries
    All the Sex and the City Anniversary Stories You Need to ReadFrom the significance of Carrie’s tutu, to reviewing the Sex and the City bus tour.
  20. lists
    We’re No Longer Getting a List of the Hottest People in D.C.The Hill is ending their annual ranking of the “50 Most Beautiful.”
  21. equal pay day
    All the Celebrities Who Have Spoken Out About Equal Pay in HollywoodA timeline.
  22. late capitalism
    15 Other Mascots We’d Like to See Turned Into Women, for Some ReasonNow that brands are obsessed with this move, we have a few suggestions. (For feminism.)
  23. who among us?
    9 Women on Their Most Horrifying Social-Media MishapsWhen you accidentally post some guy’s profile picture to your Facebook page, and other haunting stories.
  24. spreadsheets
    There’s a New Google Doc of Media MenThe Mild-Mannered Men in Media List has been revealed.
  25. starter kit
    20 Satisfying Hobbies and How to Get ThemWant to become a domestic goddess? Flower farmer? Dancer?
  26. bargain hunting
    25 Famous Women on Thrift ShoppingWinona Ryder, Chloë Sevigny, and more on their favorite secondhand discounts.
  27. art projects
    18 Things People Wore to MoMA This FallAnyone can send a text to Emily Spivack’s art website.
  28. lists
    The 5 Best Looks From Mansur Gavriel’s New Clothing LineOf course, it’s already selling out on Net-a-Porter.
  29. rankings
    The 23 Most Ridiculous Things Goop Has Ever Done, RankedFrom recommending healing stickers to sex bark to the notorious jade yoni eggs.
  30. far and wide
    The World’s Most Instagrammed Vacation SpotsA look at what everyone is actually posting.
  31. lists
    A List of Women Who Continued to Do What They Usually Do While PregnantSerena Williams’s Australian Open win is impressive for reasons other than her being pregnant at the time.
  32. lists
    All the Things Women Are Doing WrongHere are 54 things women just can’t get right.
  33. cut chat room
    How Do You Track Your Lays?Our many methods.
  34. 5 Scientifically Proven Things You Can Do to Get Better Sleep at NightNo snoozing, no TV in bed, and no drinking before you hit the hay. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
  35. 97 Things You Can Do Like a French GirlThere’re so many things!
  36. new looks
    27 Hot New Body Insecurities for SpringStop stressing over the same bad skin and thick thighs!
  37. random acts of kindness
    20 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of KindnessCelebrate #RandomActsOfKindness with style and grace!
  38. productivity
    A Neuroscientist on the Calming Powers of the To-Do List “Get it out of your head, write it down, then prioritize things.” 
  39. year in review
    10 Expressions to Retire in 2016Sorry, you’re going to have to find a new way to talk about your m*n-b*n.
  40. can u not
    Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving DinnerSo does PopSugar, Time, and The Weather Channel.
  41. shes the boss
    12 Famous Women on Their MentorsSuccessful women reflect on the role models who influenced their careers along the way, from agents to therapists to best friends to moms.
  42. lists
    25 Things Men Worry Could Give Them Man-BoobsThere’s a lot of paranoia, according to the internet.
  43. the greats
    25 Feminists With Really Great HairFrom Sappho to Yoko and so many more. 
  44. pants-o-pedia
    Great Moments in Pants: A Handy Trouser TimelineFrom A to Zubaz.
  45. lists
    16 Gaps Facing Women TodayWage gap, confidence gap, thigh gap.
  46. kids today
    The Definitive List of Things That Teenagers on Reddit Think Are CoolAccording to the teenagers of Reddit.
  47. lists
    Places Hilaria Baldwin Has Done YogaAn incomplete listicle.
  48. the year in cara
    Cara Delevingne Wins Most Reblogged Model of 2013Surprise?
  49. The 50 Most Remarkable Hats of All TimeFrom Jackie O.’s pillbox to Justin Bieber’s ski mask and beyond.
  50. other people’s shoes
    What Is the High Heel? Answers From the New York TimesEach shoe is many things to many people.
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