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  1. q&a
    Morgan Parker on Why Beyoncé Is a Metaphor for Every Black WomanIn her new book, the poet uses Beyoncé as a device to explore the lives of black women.
  2. literature
    In Honor of Zsa Zsa Gabor, Drape Yourself in Diamonds and Divorce Your HusbandHer autobiography is full of wisdom.
  3. digital humanities
    There Are 6 Basic Emotional ‘Shapes’ of StoriesTake it from Vonnegut: “The fundamental idea is that stories have shapes which can be drawn on graph paper.”
  4. dreams
    Kafka Harnessed Insomnia to Create His Trippy FictionBlur the boundary between dreaming and waking, and you might turn into a bug.
  5. mysteries of our time
    Is This the Real Identity of Elena Ferrante?Will this finally put to rest the rumor that the author is really a man?
  6. franzenology
    Why Does Jonathan Franzen Make It So Hard to Like Him?Franzen says he has “never been in love with a black woman.”
  7. fathers day
    Make Your Dad Read Elena Ferrante!A project in honor of Father’s Day.
  8. longreads
    10 Books We’re Reading Right NowRead with us.
  9. mansplaining
    What I Learned About Women From Reading Novels About Female FriendshipThey all have cancer or cheating husbands. Sometimes both.
  10. The Ten Most-Read Male Writers in College Classes, Based on Their Names AloneOr at least we think they’re men?
  11. heroes
    Girl Starts #1000BlackGirlBooks Book DriveSo far she’s collected 400 books.
  12. neuroscience
    Does Reading Literature Really Beef Up Your Brain?A new study offers hints.
  13. interview
    Everybody Is Wrong About Candace Bushnell If you think her new book is about Sex and the City, “you’re just cray-cray.”
  14. icons
    Why Loving Joan Didion Is a TrapAs shown by the frenzy over her Céline ads.
  15. The Dudes Who Read Young-Adult FictionYup, they exist. They’re just not as open about their preferred choice of literary genre.
  16. book excerpt
    Reading While Female: How to Deal With Misogynists and Male MasturbationAn excerpt from No Regrets, the new book from n+1 of women writers talking about reading.
  17. quotables
    Y.A. Author: Teen Sex Scenes Can Temper Porn’s InfluenceThey’re gonna get the information somewhere. 
  18. ‘you’re pretty’
    How J.D. Salinger Flirted With Girls“Sneaky girl. You’re pretty.”
  19. gender vs. genre
    Meet Bill Spence, Romance-Novel-Writing GrandpaAwww.
  20. obsessions
    Women Will Buy Basically Anything Related to Jane Austen“What gives?” —The Brontës.
  21. sexist geeks
    Sci-Fi Authors Use Male Pseudonyms So Nerds Don’t Feel ‘Excluded’Still?
  22. dubious achievements
    Photo-Shoot Threesome Wins Bad Sex in Fiction PrizeM-W-Camera. 
  23. alter ids
    Some of Junot Díaz’s Best Friends Are WomenDoes writing a sexist character make you sexist? What if the character is based on you?