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  1. power
    The BRIT Awards 2020 - Show
    What to Know About Lizzo’s LawsuitsThe musician cryptically announced that she is “quitting” in the face of several workplace harassment allegations.
  2. culture
    2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
    Lizzo Says She’s Quitting MusicThe singer wrote on Instagram that she’s “starting to feel like the world doesn’t want me in it.”
  3. lord of the rings
    Lizzo Is a Legolas GirlAnd she’s house-hunting in the Shire.
  4. culture
    Lizzo Says Fat Shaming Is Making Her ‘Hate the World’The singer made clear that incessant comments about her body are taking a toll.
  5. emmys 2022
    The Highs and Lows of the 2022 EmmysIncluding Lizzo’s win, a surprise Pete Davidson cameo, and that confounding opening dance number.
  6. vmas 2022
    What the Hell Was Going On in the VMAs Opening Performance?A televised fever dream, that’s what.
  7. wtf
    Watch Kathy Hilton Learn Lizzo Is Not Gabourey SidibeIt’s as cringe as it sounds.
  8. celebrity pda
    Lizzo Is Just As Fascinated by Kravis As the Rest of Us“Let me get in the middle of that.”
  9. extremely online
    I Can’t Shut Up About ‘Talking’ Trees I tried TikTok’s latest trend: asking my plants if they could hear me.
  10. lizzo
    Lizzo Releases a New Version of ‘Grrrls’Following backlash over the original track’s use of an ableist slur.
  11. celebrity
    Lizzo Has the Last Word on the Liam Payne DramaLizzo has a message for “that poor boy.”
  12. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekHarry Styles > everyone!
  13. met gala 2022
    Our Met Gala Favorites, IllustratedArtist Samantha Hahn paints Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Kim Kardashian, and Riz Ahmed in all their gilded glamour.
  14. celebrity
    Lizzo Has a Secret BoyfriendSomeone check on Chris Evans.
  15. do i need this?
    Do I Need This? Lizzo’s New Size-Inclusive Shapewear LineShapewear meant to be seen in sizes XS to 6X.
  16. ouch!
    Lizzo’s Hiking Shoes Are Giving Me AnxietyMy ankles are shaking.
  17. body positivity
    Shape Me, Lizzo!Lizzo’s new project: shapewear.
  18. tv
    Lizzo Says It’s Time to TwerkShe just dropped the trailer for her new reality competition, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.
  19. bing bong
    The Best TikToks of 2021Revisiting the funniest and most chaotic trends of the year.
  20. culture
    Thank You for Coming to Lizzo’s ‘TED Twerk’“I twerk because Black women are undeniable.”
  21. please!
    Just Date AlreadyLizzo and Chris Evans continue to flirt in the DMs.
  22. 100% that bitch
    Behold, Lizzo Wearing a Shirt With Lizzo’s Face on ItYet another unimpeachable fashion choice.
  23. skin deep
    Lizzo Says Her Body Shouldn’t Be a Political Statement“I hope that I can post the kinds of materials that I post, showing my body, and people are just like, Beautiful picture. Next.”
  24. just a little kiss?
    I Like What Lizzo and Chris Evans Are Doing HereLook who’s flirting in the DMs.
  25. tiktok
    We Tried the Viral TikTok Breakfast Bowl, ‘Nature’s Cereal’Lizzo likes it. We’re not sold.
  26. advice
    25 Famous Women on Not Settling for LessRihanna, Madeleine Albright, Kamala Harris, and more on choosing to forge your own path.
  27. birthdays
    The Only Logical Reaction to Beyoncé Wishing You a Happy BirthdayMay I present Lizzo’s birthday tears of joy.
  28. psa
    ‘You’re Allowed to Twerk on Easter’Diddy explains why he interrupted Lizzo’s dance routine.
  29. my little pony
    Rihanna and Lizzo Wear the Same Products in Their PonytailsBoth singers and their ponytails shined at the NAACP Image Awards.
  30. nailed it
    Guess What Lizzo’s Manicure Smells LikeGuess!
  31. celebrity friendships
    Please Enjoy Lizzo’s Harry Styles TributeA beautiful friendship continues to blossom before our eyes.
  32. hot shot
    Lizzo Poses With Fan at Super BowlA small social media victory for Jeff Bezos.
  33. celebrity friendships
    I Love Harry Styles and Lizzo’s Wholesome FriendshipThey sang together in Miami last night, and it was very charming.
  34. grammys 2020
    Lizzo’s Flute Deserves Its Own GrammyA round of applause for Sasha Flute.
  35. courtside
    Lizzo Wore a Thong to a Basketball GamePeople had very strong feelings about it.
  36. amas 2019
    AMAs 2019: The Best Reactions to Lizzo’s Tiny PurseLizzo’s fans inserted themselves into the world’s smallest accessory.
  37. red carpet
    AMAs 2019: The Best, Worst, and Tiniest Celebrity Red-Carpet LooksFrom Lizzo’s bag to Selena Gomez’s slime dress.
  38. skin deep
    Lizzo Waters Herself Every MorningTry it!
  39. tall girl summer
    It Was a Tall Girl SummerNetflix’s “Tall Girl” bookends the season Megan Thee Stallion started.
  40. hairy situations
    Lizzo’s Fancy Scrunchie Makes My Hair Tie Feel InadequateIt’s not a snack, it’s a whole damn meal.
  41. celebrity
    Lizzo Would Be the Next ‘Bachelorette’ Under One Very Specific ConditionThe men would have to be naked and feed her grapes, but that’s not the biggest requirement.
  42. new faces of things
    Lizzo Lands Her First Big Beauty ContractShe’s one of Urban Decay’s newest celebrity ambassadors, including CL and Ezra Miller.
  43. niche drama
    The Hot New Celebrity Trend Is Being Furious at BloggersA guide to all the mega-rich celebrities getting mad at underpaid internet writers.
  44. swellness
    Can Wearing a Sticker on My Boob Fix All My Problems?Body Vibes, newly endorsed by Lizzo, claim to recalibrate your body’s frequency. How do they work?
  45. let’s makeup
    I Need Whatever Eye Shadow Lizzo Is Wearing on Allure’s CoverActually, according to makeup artist Grace Ahn, she’s wearing five of them.
  46. famous hair
    Lizzo Wears Nothing But a Wig on Her New Album CoverHer hairstylist Kendall Dorsey explains why that’s so important.
  47. spring 2019 fashion issue
     It’s Just a Matter of Time Before Everyone Loves LizzoWe thought we knew what to expect from a pop star, and then she came along.
  48. i love this song!
    The Best Song to Start a Full-on Dance Party at Your Summer BBQA special holiday edition of I Love This Song!