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  1. lockdown
    Imagine Being Trapped Indefinitely With a Blind DateAt least he cooks.
  2. hmm
    Can You Relate to Keira Knightley’s Pandemic?It involves wearing Gucci on a trampoline and throwing root vegetables at her husband.
  3. hairy situations
     Butt-Length Hair Was Always My DreamUntil it became a nightmare.
  4. coronavirus
    What Will a Second Lockdown Look Like?Some cities and countries that have reopened businesses and schools have had to close again after COVID-19 outbreaks. Will that happen here?
  5. sex
    Wait, Did England Just Ban Casual Sex?A new law bans all indoor “gatherings” of two or more people who don’t live together.
  6. coronavirus
    What Does a Stay-at-Home Order Mean, Exactly?Some states are lifting the restrictions as early as this week, defying health officials’ recommendations.
  7. Advice from Italian Parents on Lockdown“Everyone is going nuts, so you’re not alone.”
  8. everyday horrors
    School Teaches Kindergartners About Lockdown Drills With Chilling Nursery RhymeRemember thinking Humpty Dumpty was morbid?
  9. yogis
    A Yoga Mat Caused the White House to Go Into LockdownSomeone threw a sign and a yoga mat over the fence.