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  1. che-xy
    Why Is This Chess Championship Logo So Horny?Who knew chess was so sexual?
  2. The Legend of the Never-Ending Polo BearInside the Loch Ness Monster of streetwear.
  3. 10 Fashion People on Their Biggest Logo MomentsAnja Rubik tried out Pucci swirls, while Amy Schumer dared to rock a head-to-toe Muscle Beach sweats look.
  4. Everyday Things Karl Lagerfeld Has Put the Chanel Logo OnBeach balls, life preservers, flasks — the works. 
  5. Harlem Legend Dapper Dan on the Power of Logos“The thing is, you can have the status but nobody will know you don’t have the money.”
  6. The Most Logo-riffic Moments in FashionTaking “fashion statement” to its logical conclusion.
  7. unintentional vaginas
    Further Evidence That the Airbnb Logo Resembles a Vagina People are getting creative!
  8. unintentional vaginas
    The New Airbnb Logo Is Surprisingly Sexual Did anybody notice the resemblance?
  9. it’s vintage
    Etsy Vintage Hunting: Logos A-Go-GoThe return of ‘90s flash.
  10. DKNY Adding 10 New Art Walls Around the WorldAll inspired by the brand’s original Soho mural.
  11. lawsuits
    Louis Vuitton Threatens to Sue Law School Over a Parodic Logo PosterThe brand’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter.