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    American Apparel May File for BankruptcyThey lost over $86 million last year.
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    Images of Dov Charney’s Accuser From Allegedly Consensual Sexy Photo Shoot SurfaceAlong with the sketchy contract AA models must sign, pledging confidentiality.
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    Video: Dov Charney’s Latest Accuser Speaks on TodayHer lawyer says Charney forced her into sex acts, and another accuser into phone sex.
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    Another Ex–American Apparel Employee Is Accusing Dov Charney of Trying to Force Sex on HerAnother week, another AA sex suit.
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    Dov Charney Hired a Man — Possibly a Dog, Also — to Try to Make American Apparel Some RevenueEnjoy a photo of Dov posing with an actual dog.
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    Dov Charney Used to Take Pictures in His Dad’s BasementThankfully, they were just still lifes.
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    American Apparel Posts Another LossAfter losing $9.5 million in the third quarter, Dov Charney promises to return the focus to basics.
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    Sources Blame American Apparel’s Financial Woes on Dov CharneyHe would reportedly rather hang on to his majority stake than allow someone with actual money to buy some of it and help the company.
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    American Apparel Reiterates Bankruptcy Concerns With Reports of More LossesThe chain “may not have sufficient liquidity necessary to sustain operations for the next 12 months.”
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    American Apparel Hires Former Blockbuster CFO As Acting PresidentYes, the Blockbuster that just went bankrupt.
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    American Apparel Saved From BankruptcyTheir lenders are really dedicated to them, apparently.
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    NYSE Grants American Apparel an Extension on Its HomeworkWell, that was nice of them.
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    American Apparel Faces Third Class-Action Suit in Two WeeksThings just keep getting worse.
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    The Stock Exchange Threatened Again to Delist American ApparelYou know what they say, different day, same …
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    The Downfall of American ApparelWhy Dov Charney’s pervy roller-disco brand should just die now and leave a really doable corpse.
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    American Apparel Might Have to Close a Third of Its NYC StoresAnd the stock is trading at 84 cents.
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    American Apparel Seems to Actually Be on Its Last LegNo, really! Their credit is actually almost gone.
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    Dov Charney Doesn’t Know Anything About His Company’s New Financial MessThat’s a good CEO.
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    Analyst: American Apparel Is ‘On the Cusp of Total Collapse’And not because of controversy surrounding the chain’s dress-code policy.
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    American Apparel Makes Employees Sign $1 Million Confidentiality AgreementsAnd the soap opera continues…
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    Dov Charney Will Answer His Phone at All Hours to Address Your American Apparel ConcernsWe know because we woke him up this morning!