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  1. look of the day
    What on God’s Green Earth Is Justin Bieber Wearing Now?Somebody stop this.
  2. look of the day
    Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian SunbatheWhat else would you wear in 90-degree weather?
  3. look of the day
    Here Is Drake’s Infinity-Pool Robe“Now I got a bigger pool than ’Ye.”
  4. look of the day
    Why Not Wear a Bird on Your Head?By Kate Middleton’s favorite hatmaker.
  5. look of the day
    Beyoncé’s Bag Is a Shout-Out to the BeyhiveBuzz buzz.
  6. look of the day
    Lindsay Lohan Clubbed in Kourtney Kardashian’s DressTwinning in London!
  7. look of the day
    Olivia Wilde Is One Elegant Pregnant LadyIn Rosie Assoulin.
  8. look of the day
    Blac Chyna Now Has Mermaid-Blue Hair“Hello … aqua!”
  9. look of the day
    Bella Hadid Combined Chokers and AthleisureOf course.
  10. look of the day
    Rihanna Wore Only Gucci and UnderwearWhy not detach this detachable slip?
  11. look of the day
    Adele’s New Video Stars a Dolce & Gabbana DressProbably better than the futuristic robot gown they almost chose.
  12. look of the day
    Here’s How the Khaleesi Wears PlaidEmilia Clarke in checkered red. 
  13. look of the day
    Karlie Kloss Is a Louis Vuitton Disco BallThe sparkliest dress at Cannes.
  14. look of the day
    J.Lo Continues Her Love Affair With MustardCitrine? Maize? Saffron?
  15. look of the day
    Kate Middleton Can Even Make Boxing Gloves Look FancyBy pairing them with heels.
  16. look of the day
    Does This Photo of Leonardo DiCaprio Flashing His Tummy Do It for You? The actor flashed his tummy in NYC.
  17. look of the day
    What Is Kim Kardashian Doing in a Jane Austen Novel?Is that Mr. Darcy or Valentino?
  18. look of the day
    North West Has Joined Taylor Swift’s Choker CohortWhile in Havana.
  19. look of the day
    Beyoncé Has Some Amazing Disco PantsThey’re crocodile leather.
  20. met gala 2016
    Kim Kardashian Has Won the Met Gala Social-Media RaceShe’s prepping 16 hours before the party starts.
  21. look of the day
    Taylor Swift Wore Grunge Because Anna Wintour Said SoFlannel, combat boots, absolutely no pressure.
  22. look of the day
    Why This NFL Player Wore a Very Distracting Crop TopAn entire campus fought to see Ezekiel Elliott’s abs. 
  23. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Wore a Magnificent RobeFloor-length.
  24. look of the day
    Ariana Grande Is a Tonight Show PrincessHer dog, Toulouse, was a Coach model.
  25. look of the day
    Jaden Smith Invented a New Way to Wear OverallsAnd talked to his water bottle, before meeting up with ex Kylie Jenner.
  26. look of the day
    Is Michelle Obama Wearing Purple for Prince?It really looks like it.
  27. look of the day
    Cate Blanchett Is a Beautiful Cubist PaintingLike a Modigliani or Picasso.
  28. look of the day
    What Kim Kardashian Wears to IcelandHer underpants.
  29. look of the day
    Rihanna Is a Real American EagleFlying over Coachella.
  30. look of the day
    Kate Middleton and Drew Barrymore: TwinsThey wore the same dress last night.
  31. look of the day
    Kate Middleton Played Darts in HeelsShe’s unstoppable.
  32. look of the day
    Kate Middleton Had a Marilyn Monroe Moment So windy!
  33. look of the day
    Selena Gomez’s Trench Coat Is Taller Than She IsShe’s five-foot-five.
  34. look of the day
    Can Someone Help Justin Bieber Put on His Pants?He really likes his Calvin Klein briefs.
  35. look of the day
    North West Is an Adorable Ski BunnyThe 2-year-old takes Colorado.
  36. look of the day
    Only the NRA Could Love Miranda Lambert’s StilettosThey have their own holster.
  37. look of the day
    Kerry Washington, Queen of SpringNo one wears floral better.
  38. look of the day
    Cara Delevingne Is a 21st-Century FlapperMarcel waves with sweats.
  39. look of the day
    Who Better to Play Rosie the Riveter Than Amy Schumer?Represent.
  40. look of the day
    Rihanna Wore an Easter-Egg TracksuitFestive athleisure.
  41. look of the day
    Punk Cate Blanchett Now Has Pink HairShe’s rocking it.
  42. look of the day
    Kendall Jenner Wore Genie Pants and Smoky EyesDoes her look rub you the right way?
  43. look of the day
    Beyoncé Photoshopped Blue Ivy’s Tea PartyAnd Solange held baby bunnies.
  44. look of the day
    Hot New Wedding Trend: a Giant PurseMiranda Kerr demonstrates.
  45. look of the day
    Be Afraid of Miley Cyrus’s Screaming Macaulay Culkin PurseKevin McCallister never looked so good.
  46. look of the day
    Gwyneth Paltrow Wore a Flower CrownAnd gave peonies to Reese Witherspoon.
  47. look of the day
    Kate Middleton Sure Looks Great in This Sears AdOn holiday in the French Alps.
  48. look of the day
    Whoopi Goldberg Partied in AthleisureA model of post-Oscars excellence.
  49. look of the day
    Kim Kardashian Knows You Think She’s a NarcissistAnd she’s got the selfie jacket to prove it.
  50. look of the day
    Korea’s Most Badass Female Pop Star Doesn’t Need Pants“Hello b*tches.”
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