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Lorde & Taylor

  1. hot shot
    Lorde and Taylor Swift Match Their Socks, Their Sneakers, Their SoulsCutoff shorts too. 
  2. lorde & taylor
    Taylor Swift and Lorde Took a Cooking Class TogetherDomestic fun in Rhode Island. 
  3. puns come to life
    Taylor Swift Fulfills the Lord & Taylor Pun, Without LordeShopping.
  4. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Lorde and Taylor Swift Inspired by Taylor’s Giver cameo.
  5. lorde & taylor
    Lorde and Taylor Spent Sunday TogetherNew York was their oyster. 
  6. matchy matchy
    Taylor Swift and Lorde Are in the Full-Outfit-Matching Stage of FriendshipGirl has a case of mirroring.
  7. celebrity friendships
    Lorde and Taylor Swift Are Now Bosom BuddiesTaylor Swift, professional collector of female friends.