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  1. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekLorde wore her hair as a scarf!
  2. culture
    What Is a Weed Album, Exactly?And is Lorde correct in classifying Solar Power as one?
  3. oh my lorde
    Lorde’s New Album Is Deeply UncoolBut, like, in a cool way.
  4. hallelujah
    She Is RisenAll rejoice, Lorde’s new single “Solar Power” is here.
  5. baths
    Lorde Is Sorry She Captioned Her Bathtub Photo With Whitney Houston Lyrics“Extremely extremely poorly chosen quote.”
  6. celebrity rumors
    So, What Happened Between Lorde and Jack Antonoff at Her Show Last Night?Two celebrity experts discuss.
  7. hmmm
    Is Jack Antonoff Dating a Model Who Isn’t Lorde?Sure looks like it.
  8. celebrity rumors
    Lorde Finally Speaks Out About Those Jack Antonoff Dating RumorsThe singer was spotted getting cozy with Lena Dunham’s ex on the streets of Auckland.
  9. hot shot
    Lorde and Jack Antonoff Look Awfully Cozy in New Zealand TogetherCheck out these paparazzi photos.
  10. skin deep
    Lorde Explains What Not to Say to People With AcneDon’t bring up moisturizer.
  11. grammy awards 2018
    Grammys President Says Women Need to ‘Step Up’ to Win Awards#GrammysSoMale
  12. grammys 2018
    Report: Lorde Not Offered Solo Grammys Performance, But Male Nominees WereAs a result, she declined the opportunity to be part of a tribute.
  13. hot shot
    Lorde Accessorized With a Matching Flask at This Year’s GrammysStylish and useful.
  14. heteronormative gossip
    Jack Antonoff Says the Lorde Rumors Are ‘Dumb Heteronormative Gossip’There’s been speculation that they may be dating after his split with Lena Dunham.
  15. vmas 2017
    Lorde Didn’t Let the Flu Keep Her From the VMAsThe show must go on.
  16. identity
    25 Famous Women on Self-ExpressionErykah Badu, Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, and more on the artistic outlets they use to express themselves.
  17. fashions
    All the Looks Lorde Served Up in Her New ‘Perfect Places’ VideoThe perfect outfit does exist.
  18. Lorde Still Likes the Subway, Despite Getting Trapped on F TrainLorde’s love for the subway is well-documented.
  19. Lorde Doesn’t Like the Term ‘Squad,’ But Says She’s Still Taylor Swift’s FriendA truly dark day for #squadgoals.
  20. See Lorde’s Style Evolution From Goth to GivenchyThe singer’s best looks since she released “Royals” at 16.
  21. Lorde’s New Album Is a Great Incentive to Stay in This WeekendAre you old and lame now? How you feel about Lorde’s new album is a great litmus test.
  22. Lorde Is the Only Person in New York Who Still Likes the MTALorde, my friend, are we riding the same subway?
  23. Taylor Swift Is Embracing La Vie CoachellaFirst stop: Instas by the pool.
  24. cover photo
    This Lorde–Taylor Swift Pic Looks Like an Album CoverSuch a tease.
  25. party pics
    Jennifer Lawrence Partied With Oprah This WeekPlus: Lorde, Kerry Washington, Nick Jonas.
  26. tall friend problems
    Lorde Loves Her ‘Adorable Giraffe’ Friend, T. SwiftBeing friends with Tall Tay comes with its quirks.
  27. party pics
    Lorde and Karlie Kloss Partied TogetherPlus: Leonardo DiCaprio, Riccardo Tisci, Selena Gomez, and more in this week’s roundup. 
  28. medical melodrama
    Lorde Debuts Chic Red-Eye Trend at NYFWIs pinkeye the new black?
  29. party pics
    People Got Wild at the Met Ball After-Parties Highlights from Rihanna’s private after-party, Lady Gaga and Alexander Wang’s burlesque bash, and more. 
  30. Great Moments in Power SuitsFrom Working Girl to Hillary to Lorde.
  31. hot shot
    Lorde and Taylor Swift Match Their Socks, Their Sneakers, Their SoulsCutoff shorts too. 
  32. Lorde Also Dumpster-Dives With Prodigious MasteryIn New Zealand it’s called trawling for inorganics. 
  33. lorde
    Lorde’s on Butt Patrol Defending the bottoms, from large to small. 
  34. comparisons
    Lorde Says Fame Is Not Unlike Getting Pear-BombedComparisons. 
  35. lorde & taylor
    Taylor Swift and Lorde Took a Cooking Class TogetherDomestic fun in Rhode Island. 
  36. Lorde Reports That Jennifer Lawrence’s Email Has ‘Butt’ in ItFun with correspondence. 
  37. look of the day
    Lorde Wore 2 Colors at Once in BerlinIn lieu of monochrome.
  38. friends of taylor swift
    Taylor Swift, Girl-on-Girl CrimestopperHer sneakily radical campaign.
  39. lorde it over
    Lorde Thinks Smoky Eyes Are ‘Quite Dirty’Literally or figuratively?
  40. lorde’s wrath
    Lorde Is Assertively Exposing a Paparazzo StalkerNaming names, posting photos. 
  41. collaboration nation
    Lorde Looks Lorde-y in her MAC CampaignCat-eye flicks and purple lips.
  42. fun with photoshop
    Lorde Did Not Ask You to Give Her a New Nose, EitherShe likes the photo though. 
  43. quotables
    Lorde: Crossing Bridges Before She Gets to ThemPreparing for imagined futures.
  44. festival dressing
    Festival Dressing: Dress for the Band, Not the SpectacleFestival style we don’t hate. 
  45. look of the day
    Lorde Performed in a Bubblegum-Pink SuitA notable change of palette.
  46. power suits
    Lorde Prefers PantsPower suits, but in the style of Annie Lennox and Patti Smith. 
  47. i woke up like this
    Lorde Did Not Ask You to Give Her Perfect Fake SkinFlaws: “ok” by Lorde.
  48. boyfriends
    James Lowe Wrote a Nice Thing About Dating LordeHere’s to supportive boyfriends.
  49. puns come to life
    Taylor Swift Fulfills the Lord & Taylor Pun, Without LordeShopping.
  50. freaky friday hair swap
    Freaky Friday Hair-Swap: Lorde and Taylor Swift Inspired by Taylor’s Giver cameo.
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