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  1. collaboration station
    Exclusive: Lorde’s New Collaboration With MACVampy lip colors for everyone.
  2. lorde & taylor
    Lorde and Taylor Spent Sunday TogetherNew York was their oyster. 
  3. look of the day
    Lorde Performed in a Sports BraAnd a white blazer. 
  4. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Lo-Fang, Electric ViolinistOpening for Lorde next month.
  5. matchy matchy
    Taylor Swift and Lorde Are in the Full-Outfit-Matching Stage of FriendshipGirl has a case of mirroring.
  6. quotables
    Lorde Cites Vogue-Appropriate Fashion in VogueComme des Garçons is about as crazy as she’s going to get. 
  7. get the look
    Get the Look: Lorde’s Vampy Grammys Lip ColorA mix of three dark shades.
  8. red carpet looks
    Lorde Cites Zombies Among Influences for Grammy DressAlso, sea monsters and bears.
  9. quotables
    Tavi and Lorde Just Had the Paramount Girl Talk Seven highlights. 
  10. quotables
    Lorde Is ‘A Hugely Sex-Positive Person’She’s no prude. 
  11. birthdays
    Taylor Swift Had a Perfect, Prim, Pretty Birthday PartyRed balloons, pink roses — and Lorde.
  12. celebrity friendships
    Lorde and Taylor Swift Are Now Bosom BuddiesTaylor Swift, professional collector of female friends.
  13. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, from Lorde to AnorexiaCatch up on what mattered this week.
  14. non-troversy
    Okay, Not Everyone Loved Lily Allen’s New VideoIt was a little narrow in scope.
  15. party lines
    Party Pics: Lorde, Tilda, Karl, Bowie, and MoreThe fashion set sure partied hard this week.
  16. fighting words
    What Lorde Can Teach Her Pop PeersIt’s not anti-feminist to disagree.
  17. gif bag
    Watch Karl and Tilda Put Their Heads TogetherAnd Jessica Biel get her pose on.
  18. interview
    Meet Lorde, the Teen Pop Star With a No Selfies PolicyShe’s from New Zealand.