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  1. Liquid Lipstick Is BackAnd this time, there’s one that won’t give you sandpaper lips.
  2. The Blush for People Who Don’t Like BlushConsider conquering your blush-inducing fears.
  3. The Eye Cream That Made Me a BelieverI look forward to using it every morning.
  4. An Ode to the Drugstore Mascara I’ve Been Using Since High SchoolTwelve years in the making.
  5. The Only Tinted Serum Going on My Face This SummerIt’s like skin-care but with makeup coverage.
  6. UV Protection Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune5 sunscreens under $30 that’ll protect your skin like a luxury pick.
  7. How to Give Yourself a Tan That Doesn’t Scream FakeWe’re going for sun-kissed, not orange.
  8. The Drugstore Night Cream I’m Not GatekeepingThe rich texture feels expensive.
  9. It Only Cost Me $16 to Fake a Summer GlowThanks for the hot tip, Alix Earle
  10. Long-Lasting Makeup for Super Sweaters Does ExistMy active sweat glands and I are here for it.
  11. Is Hyaluronic Acid Good for Your Hair?A dermatologist and a chemist weigh in.
  12. This Peptide Hair Mask Is My Latest ASMR ObsessionSo stretchy, so satisfying.
  13. The Primer That Made Me Break Up With TikTok’s ‘Bold Glamour’ FilterYou know the one.
  14. This Niacinamide Serum Is Good Skin in a BottleL’Oréal Paris, you just may have a gem on your hands.
  15. My Thirsty Hair Is No Match for This Hyaluronic Acid Hair SystemI like to think of it as a skin-care routine for my hair.
  16. The Moisturizer That Changed My Makeup RoutineTurns out your skin-care really does set you up for makeup success.
  17. An Ode to This $33 Hyaluronic Acid SerumI have dry skin, but you’d never know it.
  18. 5 Products to Get Your Skin Ready for SpringWelcome spring with an editor-approved sunscreen or eye cream from L’Oréal Paris.
  19. We Tried the L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation on 7 Skin TonesDoes 47 shades mean there’s a match for everyone?
  20. A Basic But Effective Morning Skin-Care RoutineJust call these products the holy trinity of healthy, glowy skin.
  21. wait what is happening on tiktok?
    Everything We Know About TikTok’s Lashgate DramaDid Mikayla Nogueira add false lashes or not?
  22. Can I Use Purple Shampoo to Tint Blonde Hair?This unconventional dyeing method is kind of genius.
  23. The New Telescopic Mascara Is Like a Push-Up Bra for My LashesMy lashes used to point everywhere but up — not anymore.
  24. Matte Lips Are in Their Comeback EraHere are 7 editor-approved lipsticks to shop.
  25. The 8-Second Hair Treatment That Cosigns My Lazy BehaviorI work smarter, not harder.
  26. 2021 in review
    15 TikTok Beauty Products That Went Viral in 2021And why they are (or aren’t) worth your money, according to the creators that blew them up.
  27. beauty interview
    Helen Mirren Has Swagger and She Wants That For You TooTalking to the actor and L’Oréal Paris spokesperson about what makes her feel most beautiful.
  28. new faces of things
    Kate Winslet’s Face Has Another New JobShe’s the new face of L’Oréal Paris.
  29. new faces of things
    The Indian Model Breaking Colorism BarriersNidhi Sunil has found success on two continents.
  30. new faces of things
    This Lawyer-Turned-Model Is Now a L’Oréal SpokespersonNidhi Sunil’s face has a new job.
  31. new faces of things
    Gemma Chan’s Face Has a New JobMeet the newest member of the L’Oréal Paris family.
  32. skin deep
    Viola Davis on How to Listen to Your Inner VoiceA pep talk from the actress and new face of L’Oreal Paris.
  33. beauty interview
    5 Minutes With Amber HeardQuickly catching up with the L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador before she made her runway debut.
  34. new faces of things
    54-Year-Old Viola Davis Is the New Face of L’Oréal ParisIt’s her first time as the face of a major beauty brand.
  35. hairy situations
    Helen Mirren Now Has Pink HairShe Cannes and she will.
  36. interview
    A 17-Year-Old Who Started Her Own NonprofitL’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honoree Shreya Mantha supports at-risk girls around the world.
  37. new faces of things
    51-Year-Old Céline Dion Is the New Face of L’Oréal ParisBeauty … without the beast.
  38. obsessive tester
    The 16 Best Waterproof MascarasFor lashes that won’t melt off.
  39. skin deep
    Fragrance-Free Beauty That Won’t Irritate Your SkinThe 13 best products.
  40. new faces
    Duckie Thot Is L’Oréal Paris’s New FaceShe will walk on water at Paris Fashion Week.
  41. howdy partner
    Here’s the New Isabel Marant Makeup CollectionYou can buy it all now.
  42. make a splash
    This Paris Fashion Week Runway Show Will Float on the SeineLiterally walking on water.
  43. the beauty of it all
    Carol Hamilton Was the Peggy Olson of BeautyTalking to the beauty trailblazer who invented Féria hair color.
  44. let’s makeup
    The Ultimate French Girl Is Creating a Makeup Collection With L’OréalIsabel Marant knows her way around Parisian style.
  45. everything guide
    The Best Waterproof Mascara According to People Who Would KnowThe mascara they use on This Is Us.
  46. everything guide
    What’s in Your Mascara?No rainbows, just science.
  47. hairy situations
    Everyone’s Favorite Hairspray Is Now Oil-InfusedElnett gets even better.
  48. let’s makeup
    L’Oréal to Buy Virtual-Reality App ModiFaceThe future is here.
  49. what should i get
    4 Hairstylists on How They Would Spend $60 at AmazonWhy they would buy scrunchies and the best drugstore hairspray.
  50. let’s makeup
    Beyoncé Wears Glossier Just Like UsYou can afford everything she wore on her face to the Grammys.
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