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Lorenzo Martone

  1. the ball
    Marc Jacobs to Bring Courtney Love and Madonna to the Met Gala?It’s the best table in the history of tables!
  2. loose threads
    Versace Profits Down; Posh Spice Seen in Flip-flopsAlso, Louis Vuitton cast astronaut Buzz Aldrin for an upcoming ad and Marc Jacobs went hang gliding.
  3. lover boys
    Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone Might Adopt a Baby GirlIf that is true, she would be the best-dressed baby ever.
  4. put a ring on it
    Marc and Lorenzo Got Engaged and Bought an ApartmentNothing warms the heart like two people in love with a new $13 million piece of West Village real estate.
  5. loose threads
    Why Carine Could Never Replace Anna; Gisele Plans Second WeddingAlso Lorenzo Martone said he wants to marry Marc Jacobs on St. Barts on New Year’s Eve.
  6. lover boys
    Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs Still Madly in LoveMarc to Lorenzo backstage at the Louis show: “I’ve been looking all over for you. I’m afraid when I don’t see you!”
  7. party lines
    Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs Really, Really Love Each OtherIn a mushy, heartwarming way that won’t make you hate Valentine’s Day.
  8. loose threads
    LVMH Isn’t Losing Money; Agyness Deyn Lands Love CoverAlso, Hermès made money over Christmas and Marc Jacobs’s boyfriend has an amazing T-shirt.
  9. fashion yearbook
    Basel Party Clothes: Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs, Beyoncé, and More!Naomi Campbell wore a dress made of fence, and it was awesome.
  10. marcfiles
    Marc Jacobs on Those Marriage Rumors, MySpace, and Naomi Campbell“MySpace makes people happy, which is cool. Also I get very lonely, and MySpace makes me feel better.”
  11. loose threads
    Oscar de la Renta Shoots Campaign in Yonkers Warehouse; Preview Rag & Bone’s First ShoesAlso Marc Jacobs makes out in public, and PETA attacks Liz Hurley.
  12. party lines
    Marc Jacobs Wants to Marry Lorenzo MartoneMarc says he’d do it “in a minute,” but Lorenzo wants to make sure “it’s the right choice.”
  13. lover boys
    Adorable Alert: Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo MartoneThe ‘Post’ says their relationship is on the rocks, but we beg to differ.
  14. fashion album
    Kate Moss Vacations With Wedding-Band-Less Marc JacobsDoes this mean they’re new besties? Or they’re working on projects together? Let’s speculate!
  15. cult of personality
    So About Marc Jacobs Getting Hitched…Fashion Week Daily spoke to Jacobs’s spokespeople, who say the rumors are false. But the “Page Six” says they’re true! Can we get some truth up in here?
  16. run through
    Is Marc Jacobs Getting Married?Extreme rumormongering! He may wed Lorenzo Martone in Paris this weekend, cementing the best whirlwind romance since Sarkozy and Bruni.
  17. run through
    Are Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston Back Together?Just when we thought Marc Jacobs had ended the Jason Preston chapter, he’s back in his arms! And Preston’s new Facebook status message might indicate they’re really back together!
  18. run through
    Marc Jacobs’s Latest: The Boy From Ipanema?His name is Lorenzo Martone, he’s a Brazilian advertising executive based in New York, and they’ve been dating for several weeks. So long, porn stars!