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  1. beauty
    Scott Pruitt Reportedly Made His Staff Drive Him to Pick Up His Favorite LotionHe makes his security staff drive him around in search of his favorite lotion.
  2. lunchtime beauty
    The Best-Smelling Lotion in the World Is a Moisturizer for Your ButtButt cream that won’t make you smell like a butt.
  3. lab rat
    Why Does Everyone Want This Crazy-Expensive Lotion?A small brand sold 2,000 bottles within 24 hours.
  4. lab rat
    Stop Complaining About Your Dry Skin and Use This LotionThere’s a reason it’s a decades-old favorite.
  5. the strategist
    My Favorite Fruit-Shaped Hand Cream Doubles As a Pill HolderCan also hold gum, almonds, and paper-clips.
  6. lab rat
    This Body Moisturizer Smells Like a ’90s Cult PerfumeAnd it keeps you so soft.
  7. portraits of privilege
    Is This the Most Embarrassing Thing a Dad Has Ever Done on Live TV? (Yes.)L’Occitane is an interesting choice.
  8. lab rat
    A Cheap British Lotion That’s Surprisingly RichYou’ll never have dry skin again.
  9. lab rat
    Want Soft Hands? The Olsen Twins Can Help.Their latest beauty launch is surprisingly effective.
  10. lab rat
    Can This Body Cream Tell What Time of Day It Is?Test-driving night body cream.
  11. lab rat
    How to Totally Moisturize in the ShowerA dry-skin game-changer.