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  1. power
    This Congressional Candidate Gave Birth On-camera“It’s important for folks to see how pregnancy and birth is a medical event that occurs in a hospital with doctors,” says Louisiana’s Katie Darling.
  2. crime
    A Woman Has Been Arrested in the Quawan Charles CaseJanet Irving, believed to be with the 15-year-old right before his death, has been booked two charges related to his disappearance.
  3. coronavirus
    Black Americans May Be Disproportionately Dying of CoronavirusThe data is limited, but it is so far damning.
  4. crime
    Suspect Arrested in the Murder of African-American History Museum FounderSadie Roberts-Joseph was found dead last week; police say the suspect is a tenant of hers who was behind on rent.
  5. abortion rights
    Democrats Are Responsible for Louisiana’s Extreme Abortion BanEven though a majority of House Democrats voted against it, a Democratic legislator wrote it — and a Democratic governor will sign it.
  6. crime
    What We Know About the 21-Year-Old Man Suspected of Burning Black ChurchesHolden Matthews, the son of a Louisiana deputy sheriff, has now been charged with hate crimes.
  7. childcare
    This Is the Only U.S. State Where Child Care Is Actually AffordableAmerican families regularly spend more than 7 percent of their income on child care.
  8. everyday sexism
    This Lawmaker Smashed a Bikini-Shaped Cake to Protest Her Colleagues’ MisogynyApparently it was supposed to be a (highly offensive) joke.
  9. black lives matter
    The Baton Rouge Black Lives Matter Protest in One Powerful PhotoThe woman stood her ground and even looked serene as officers handcuffed her.
  10. can u not
    State Rep Proposes Stripper Weight RequirementRelax, guys, he said it’s just a joke.