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Love And Literally War

  1. women in the military
    Guess Women Won’t Be Required to Register for the Draft Anytime SoonBut the Senate is still discussing.
  2. love and literally war
    All Combat Roles in the Military Will Be Open to Women, Pentagon SaysExemptions to the rule must be justified.
  3. love and literally war
    U.S. Couple Forgoes Hawaii, Decides to Honeymoon With ISIS InsteadSeems like Hawaii would be more relaxing?
  4. interview
    Talking to Dr. Ruth About Rape, Love, and the HolocaustHow being orphaned made her treasure love.
  5. attention please
    Final Tally: Americans Were 12 Times More Interested in Miley Cyrus Than SyriaEven though news sites wrote about Syria more.
  6. love and literally war
    North Korean Lady Soldiers Wear 4-Inch HeelsZoom in on this strange photograph.
  7. brass ceiling
    Air Force Hearing Shows Why Women’s Combat Ban Needed to GoWould women have let this happen?
  8. tailored
    U.S. Army Body Armor Now Comes in Women’s SizesThe military made it work.