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Love Is Blind

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    Is It Time to Stop Watching Love Is Blind?After a series of recent lawsuits against the show’s producers, I’m not sure I can keep going after season six.
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    What’s Going On at Love Is Blind?A third contestant who says her time on the show was “traumatic” has sued the show’s creators.
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    Let’s Talk About the Makeup Shaming in Love Is BlindJP’s unsolicited commentary on Taylor’s makeup stirred up a larger societal issue.
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    I Can’t Shut Up About Love Is Blind There is much to lovingly hate about the reality-dating show’s third season.
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    Love Is Blind’s Success Rate Just DroppedA new ‘Love Is Blind: After the Altar’ trailer teases the demise of season two’s marriages.
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    Does This Really Explain Love Is Blind’s Lack of Body Diversity?Vanessa Lachey has some interesting thoughts.
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    Love Is Blind Is the Only Reality Dating Show Where You Can Find True LoveI said what I said.
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    Well, This Is Certainly an Interesting Vacation ChoiceLove Is Blind’s best couple is taking their first socially distant vacation … to the same Mexican resort featured on the show.
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    Look Out, Love Is Blind Might Be Casting New YorkersProducers seem to be targeting people who use dating apps.
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    This New Dating Show Forces Hot People to Stay CelibateFresh off the heels of Love Is Blind, Netflix’s latest reality show looks bananas.
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    The Spiciest Moments From the Love Is Blind Reunion Episode Including “bitch, you’re sheisty” and the (re)villainization of Jessica.
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    The Wildest Moments From the Love Is Blind FinaleIt’s like one endless, devastating prom night.
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    What If You Found Out Your Fiancé Faked Their Voice?Some questions about the Love Is Blind baby voice.
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    Here’s How the Dating on Love Is Blind Actually WorkedFirst of all, the producers did not expect so many couples to get engaged.
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    Is This the Most Bonkers Love Is Blind Moment Yet?The Netflix proposal show serves up another moment of derangement.
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    Just How Drunk Are People on Love Is Blind?A brief investigation.
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    The Biggest Problem With Love Is BlindNetflix’s new dating show is incredibly weird — but there is one part of it I just cannot accept.
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    Lady Gaga Blamed for Eye-Endangering Contact-Lens TrendThose “Bad Romance” googly eyes are NOT doctor-approved.