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Love Is Real

  1. love is real
    Jenny Slate Spent Christmas With Chris Evans’s FamilyThis must mean things are serious (again).
  2. love is real
    Oh Thank God, Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Are Back TogetherFinally, some good news.
  3. love is real
    Please Let Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Be Back TogetherWe need this right now.
  4. love is real
    This Live Marriage Proposal Surprised Everyone at EurovisionNothing says “I love you” like live television.
  5. love is real
    Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Spent Her Birthday Together in CaboSuri was not invited.
  6. love is real
    Amina Blue, Kanye Muse, Might Be Dating TygaThe plot thickens.
  7. love is real
    Is Katie Holmes Dating Jamie Foxx?Real Housewife Claudia Jordan let the news slip on a podcast.