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  1. science of us
    What People Who Are ‘Lucky in Love’ All Have in CommonAccording to a behavioral scientist.
  2. inequality
    Is It Worth It to Try to Get Rich People to Realize They’re Lucky?If it’s such an uphill battle, as the research suggests, is it worth maybe trying something else instead?
  3. New York’s Top Venture Capitalist Nailed a Research-Backed Secret of Success“Probabilistic” thinking feels weird, but it’s super important.
  4. The Strange Power of Unlucky CharmsWe put a lot of weight on the backstories of objects, even — maybe especially — when those stories aren’t happy ones.
  5. Why Americans Ignore the Role of Luck in EverythingIn a talk about his new book on luck, the economist Robert Frank offered some ideas for increasing luck awareness.
  6. luck
    Why Believing in Luck Makes You a Better PersonThere’s a cost to our persistent myth that merit tells the whole story.