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Lucy Danziger

  1. party lines
    Editors Riding Their Bikes in Droves to Condé NastAnd they’re wearing their designer clothes while doing it.
  2. self-improvement
    Self’s Ad Pages Bolstered by Wal-MartNext year is looking up!
  3. real people work in fashion too
    Condé Cutbacks Force Self Editor to Bike to Work in Her Tory BurchHow very ‘Self’ of her.
  4. bloodbaths
    Candy Pratts Price Let Go From Style.com; a Dozen Laid Off at GlamourMagazines must reduce budgets by either laying off staffers or cutting travel and entertainment expenses.
  5. photoshopped
    Self Editor Continues to Make a Poor Case for Slimming Kelly ClarksonApparently Photoshopping twenty pounds off of her constitutes Kelly’s “personal best.”
  6. photoshopped
    Self Editor: Photoshopping Is Like Deleting Bad Vacation PhotosWhich is not true at all.