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  1. sweetie darlings
    Kate Moss Dies at the End of the Ab Fab MovieShe’s a good sport.
  2. The 50 Most Adored Men in AmericaAccompanied by inane, personal hashtags. 
  3. bro cartography
    The Bro Stereotype Map of AmericaA female-curated set of descriptions by major city. 
  4. boys allowed
    Lulu, the Anonymous Dude-Rating App, Will Let Men Know Their ScoreBoys are breaching the clubhouse. 
  5. icymi
    The Cut’s Week in Review, from Lorde to AnorexiaCatch up on what mattered this week.
  6. there’s an app for that
    The Nice Girls of Lulu, So-Called ‘Yelp for Men’On the app for slandering ex-boyfriends, courtesy reigns.
  7. men’s rights
    New App to ‘Doxx’ Men With Penis Size, Income Raises Rancor on RedditTwo genders can play this game, sadly.
  8. scene stealers
    The Last 60 Street-Style Looks From ParisParting is such sweet sorrow.