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  1. workplace harassment
    Workers Making Lululemon Clothes Say They’re Beaten and Harassed on the JobA new report alleges workers in Bangladesh are underpaid and called “sluts” and “whores” by their managers.
  2. we tried this
    5 Women Test Out Lululemon’s New Moisturizer for Sweaty FacesOver the course of one incredibly sweaty week.
  3. we tried this
    5 Women Test Out Lululemon’s New Dry ShampooAnd we all agree on one thing.
  4. true crime
    Lululemon Targeted by Thieves in Statewide Crime SpreeA yoga pants–crazed gang allegedly lifted $10,000 in merch from one store alone.
  5. lawsuits
    Lululemon Is Being Sued for Allegedly Employing a Known PredatorAnd then relocating him, where he went on to assault someone.
  6. fake beauty news
    Lululemon Totes Are Spreading Questionable Sunscreen FactsFake news.
  7. always shopping
    These Lululemon Leggings Will Make You Want to ScreamChristy Turlington’s trainer has a new collaboration with the brand.
  8. drama
    Lululemon’s Former CEO Really Needs His Own Bravo ShowPlease make this happen, Andy Cohen.
  9. advancements in athleisure
    Lululemon Is Now Designing Athleisure for E-Sport GamersLVLUP is the athletic brand’s newest venture.
  10. when life gives you lululemons
    Lululemon Founder: The Brand Has ‘Lost Its Way’Chip Wilson wrote an open letter to shareholders.
  11. the strategist
    The Three Best Yoga Mats to Buy, According to YogisFor every type of yoga enthusiast.
  12. spandex
    Lululemon Is Coming for the Rest of Your ClosetThe brand is going even more upmarket with its Lab concept store.
  13. hugs not drugs
    Your Leggings Can Now Perform Emotional LaborLululemon is now making workout clothes meant to feel like a hug.
  14. leather forever
    Would You Wear ‘Leather’ Workout Pants?A new athleisure brand seeks to dress people for all hours of the day. 
  15. lululemen
    Lululemon’s ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Method Reveals Importance of PunctuationTo inspire fear, just add a comma.
  16. annals of athleisure
    Lululemon Has a 1,000 Percent Resale Markup There’s gold in them thar leggings.
  17. Lululemon Founder’s Family Has a New Upscale BrandMaking clothes for a “full-contact lifestyle.”
  18. legging charlatans
    Lululemon Is Selling Patience for $108It comes in the form of a string of beads, shams. 
  19. kids these days
    Lululemon Is Going to Put 6-Year-Olds in Yoga PantsOm.
  20. men
    Lululemon’s Men’s Store Is All About That Manly PlaylistMusic to turn upward, dog. 
  21. feminism
    Ayn Rand, Girl-Power IconHer quotes are on posters, jewelry, and crop tops.
  22. pants-o-pedia
    Great Moments in Pants: A Handy Trouser TimelineFrom A to Zubaz.
  23. death wishes
    Does Lululemon Want You to Die or Something?Those red bags are filled with morbid tasks.
  24. wall street style
    Bankers Forced to Wear Yoga Pants to Win ClientsAthleticwear is the new power-dressing?
  25. fit issues
    So-Called ‘Alpha Sizing’ Is What’s Making Shopping So Damn ImpossibleAlphabet soup.
  26. it’s just a leggings company guys
    Lululemon Continues a Corporate Culture of Fat-ShamingThe tabloid continues its work in man fat-shaming.
  27. damn leggings
    After the Cargo Craze: Charting 2 Decades of Teen Fashion And now, all they want are leggings. 
  28. exercises in futility
    Lululemon Bans Customers Who Resell Their StuffSour lemons.
  29. the end of 2013
    32 Major Fashion Moments of 2013Marc Jacobs’ Vuitton finale, Galliano’s comeback, and so much more.
  30. yoga pants for the people
    Sad, ‘Fat-Shaming’ Lululemon Founder Steps DownChip Wilson will have a seat on the board.
  31. pants!
    Lululemon Founder ‘Really Sad’ About That Pants CommentHe apologized for his awkward statement about women’s thighs.
  32. debacles
    Lululemon’s Pants Debacle Takes Fat-Shaming TurnSeriously, how could they mess this up even MORE?
  33. yoga pants
    Louisiana Sheriffs Sue LululemonOver the sheer-pants scandal.
  34. yoga pants for the people
    Lululemon Shamed for Fat-ShamingAre retail strategy and body love incompatible?
  35. mysteries
    Why Did Lululemon’s CEO Really Leave?Was she fired? Did she quit? And what about the sheer pants?
  36. quizzes
    Guess the Real Lululemon CEO Job Posting: A QuizChoose wisely, and do a headstand if you’re stumped.
  37. ins and outs
    Lululemon CEO Exits, Sheer Pants Link UnclearChristine Day is stepping down after five-and-a-half years with the company.
  38. friends in high places
    Tracy Anderson Makes Groin-Displaying Leggings NowWith Gwyneth Paltrow’s blessing, of course.
  39. just butts
    Lululemon Axes Chief Product Officer in Wake of Sheer-Pants ScandalThey’re “reorganizing.”
  40. just underwear
    In Defense of Wearing Thongs to Work OutThey’re not for everybody, but some of us swear by them.
  41. sheer pants
    Lululemon’s Sheer Pants Not Available for Purchase, at AllThey’re not really a big deal, either.
  42. shopping
    A Dispatch From the Front Lines of Lululemon’s Warehouse SaleShopping warfare in the land of leggings and baby strollers.
  43. loose threads
    Lululemon vs. Calvin Klein; Vogue’s Heavy IssuesPlus, see Ryan Lochte and a rescue dog named Woody.
  44. terrible things
    Lululemon Murderer Brittany Norwood Gets Life in PrisonShe was sentenced on Saturday.
  45. loose threads
    Kelly Osbourne Is Reportedly Starting Her Own Clothing Line; Elle’s Whitney Vargas Joins WSJ. MagazineAlso, Ugg sued fellow Australian boot-maker Emu, and Lululemon’s profits are soaring.
  46. in the magazine
    The Look Book Meets the Shop Clerks of Lower BroadwaySee who is behind the counter at Topshop, Swarovski Crystallized, and more.