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Luxury Will Never Die?

  1. luxury will never die?
    Karl Lagerfeld Declares Bling Is OutBut he’s not spending any less money on his fashion shows.
  2. luxury will never die?
    Condé Nast Launches New Style MagazineYes, the paper kind!
  3. luxury will never die?
    The Oscar de la Renta Boutique Is Like a ‘Museum–Cum–Petting Zoo’Cintra Wilson takes on the house of Oscar in this week’s “Critical Shopper.”
  4. luxury will never die?
    Debt Threatens Prada, Escada, and MoreAs markets feel the crunch worldwide, it turns out that European stalwart houses aren’t immune.
  5. luxury will never die?
    Gasp! Rich People Are Penny-Pinching!Which means they’re probably not buying Louis bags full price.
  6. luxury will never die?
    Clothing Retailers Fret About the Wall Street Crash, Jewelers Sit PrettyCompanies like Saks and Missoni are freaking out about Wall Street, but high-end jewelers aren’t worried at all.