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  1. science of us
    Lie About Yourself Enough and Even You’ll Believe ItOur “memories” are more malleable than we think.
  2. Your Dog’s Not Above Lying to You to Get a SnackMan’s best friend, unless treats are involved.
  3. A New Study Explains How to Raise an Honest KidThere’s a sneaky way to incentivize them to tell the truth.
  4. Most People Don’t Think Lying by Omission Is More Honest Than Plain Old LyingUnless you’re the one who’s doing it.
  5. Every Time You Tell a Lie, You Feel Less Guilty About LyingYour brain becomes less sensitive to the emotional effects of dishonesty.
  6. A Lesson From The Bachelorette on How to Spot a LieLook sharp, JoJo.
  7. You Probably Can’t Tell When Your Kid Is LyingA new study on parents and “truth bias.”
  8. An Interrogation Psychologist Explains How to Catch Someone in a LieMake their brain tired.
  9. How Do Spies Keep Their Double Lives Secret?A former undercover CIA agent took to Reddit to explain how he pulled off the biggest lie of his life.
  10. politics
    Here Is One Way to Tell If a Politician Is LyingA study with an assist from PolitiFact.
  11. memory
    Some of Your Best Anecdotes Are Probably StolenIt’s apparently pretty common for people to plagiarize personal stories. 
  12. lying
    The Truth About the Ways People LieA new documentary explores how and why humans cheat, lie and steal.
  13. 5 Scientific Truths About the Way We LieHonest!