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Lyle Lodwick

  1. scene stealers
    Street Style: A Mash-Up of Minimalism and PrintsAn unexpectedly muted start to Fashion Week.
  2. model diaries
    Model Diary: Lyle Lodwick Is an ArtisteReally. Dude has chops.
  3. model diaries
    Model Diary: Lyle Lodwick, Gunnin’ for the WhitneyMaryland native Lyle Lodwick records his trippy Fashion Week adventures.
  4. model tracker
    Male Model: Female Models Put Needles in Each Other’s ShoesSo they fall on the runway, naturally.
  5. model tracker
    Meet the New Guy: Lyle LodwickThe 21-year-old got his start in a Sigur Rós video and is now walking in menswear shows.