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  1. ugh
    What a Cursed Halloween on TwitterM.I.A., Candace Owens, and others created some truly nightmarish content.
  2. celebrity
    M.I.A. Will Not Let Us Forget She’s Anti-VaxxShe apparently saw the Alex Jones verdict as an opportunity to spew vaccine misinformation.
  3. mia
    We Might Know Where Fan Bingbing IsA new report alleges that the actress, who recently admitted to tax evasion, was just released from government surveillance at a “holiday resort.”
  4. m.i.a.
    Sasha Obama Had a Good Reason for Skipping Her Dad’s Farewell AddressStill, the Internet wondered: #whereissasha?
  5. See of All of M.I.A.’s Best LooksFrom Day-Glo internet graphics to Versace.
  6. all i wanna do
    M.I.A. Debuts Very Beautiful U.S. Visa Application on InstagramAll I wanna do [posting-a-photo-to-Instagram sound effect].
  7. party pics
    Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Partied in LondonAnd more highlights from the best parties of London Fashion Week.
  8. festival dressing
    Festival Dressing: Dress for the Band, Not the SpectacleFestival style we don’t hate. 
  9. dressing down
    50 Times Celebrities Have Worn Sneakers on the Red Carpet“Smart casual.”
  10. collaboration station
    See All of M.I.A.’s Knockoff-Inspired Versace CollectionIn all its glorious tackiness.
  11. collaboration station
    Donatella Versace Confirms M.I.A. CollaborationPatterned gold pants, here we come.
  12. M.I.A. Announces Her New Versace Collaboration in Fun PantsAt the Balenciaga show in Paris this morning.
  13. style tribes
    Freak City: A Home for L.A.’s Electro-Rap Fashion WeirdosWhere Kreayshawn, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, and the next cool kids steal ideas from.
  14. pass that versace
    M.I.A. Taking an Organized Approach to Her Collaboration With Versace With folders.
  15. fashion history
    The 50 Most Scandalous Dresses in HistoryFrom Gaga’s meat dress to Eve’s fig leaf.
  16. divas
    Anna Wintour Reacts to Madonna’s Halftime ShowDid we not tell you it would be good?
  17. reasons to watch the super bowl
    Yet Another Reason to Watch the Super Bowl: Rooney MaraWearing CLOTHES.
  18. look of the day
    M.I.A. Fashioned an ‘XXXO’ Burka for HerselfIt had her lyrics printed on it.
  19. loose threads
    Tavi Plagued With Too Many Clothes; M.I.A. to Perform at Alex Wang’s Party?Also, see Kate Moss model on Bryan Ferry’s new album cover.
  20. dreams don’t always come shoe
    M.I.A. Wore Thick White Socks With Her Dr. Scholl’s SandalsShe tucked her jeans into them, too.
  21. beauty marks
    Mariah Carey Releases Three New Scents; Tanning Addiction May Be Classified As a Medical DisorderPlus, Theirry Mugler’s fishy new fragrance.
  22. the ball
    Gap Is Dressing Met Gala Guests After AllWith some help from some high-fashion designers, that is.
  23. look of the day
    M.I.A. Survives a Shark AttackDo you like to wear animals on your clothes?
  24. things we didn’t see coming
    M.I.A. Wore a Suit From Goodwill to Her Meeting With Anna WintourAnd they talked about Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize!
  25. seeing spots
    Henry Holland Is Amused That Bloggers Find M.I.A.’s Grammy Dress ‘Skanky’At first he was worried about the spots covering all the right, uh, spots.
  26. grammy awards
    The Grammy Awards Diva-Fashion Face-offSee what everyone worth mentioning wore to the awards show last night.
  27. best things ever
    Memorable Moments in Diva Fashion HistoryBeyoncé is making history with her silver hand and car-wash shades, inspiring us to take a look back at the iconic moments in diva fashion history.
  28. first looks
    M.I.A.’s Very Loud Clothing Line Now on SaleHonestly, we don’t know how she did it — the stuff is more early nineties than the early nineties ever were.
  29. loose threads
    Fashion Week Starts in London; Marc Jacobs Dances Dirty With Two People at His After-Party• New York said farewell to Fashion Week, but don’t be sad! It’s not really over — it just moved to London, where shows began yesterday on a sober note, signified by the appointment of the prime minister’s wife as spokesperson. Look for slideshows on nymag.com soon. [Guardian]
  30. party lines
    The Dark Side of the Marc Jacobs Show and After-PartyYesterday’s punctual Marc Jacobs show was designed to feel like a night out clubbing, with banquettes in the front row, champagne on ice, and art-rock stalwarts Sonic Youth performing live onstage. Not everyone was feeling so glamorous, though.
  31. run through
    Today in Marc Jacobs Rumors: K-Fed to Sit Front Row?!There may be a bribery scandal floating around the 69th Regiment Armory, but Marc Jacobs’s show will still go on tomorrow night at the scene of the crime (bets are still out, however, on how many hours late he’ll start). As Marc is the show of the week, rumors are flying about the blogosphere like they’re, dare we say, going out of style. Cathy Horyn heard that Sonic Youth would be playing at the show and found it hilarious (why that’s so funny, we have no idea).