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  1. cut chats
    Every Thought We Had Rewatching Practical MagicJust what, exactly, was in the aunts’ margaritas?
  2. abs
    Prepare Yourself for Magic Mike’s Final ChapterIn which Channing Tatum … goes to London?
  3. ¡hola papi!
    ‘I’m Done With Religion, But I Miss Spirituality’Find your own rituals — ones that enrich you, ones that feel sacred enough, ones that will get you out of bed.
  4. fixations
    I Think About David Blaine’s Glass-Box Stunt a LotThe American performer was totally unprepared for the British cynicism that greeted his stunt.
  5. magic
    Can You Hear the Mushrooms in ‘Lights Up’?The 25-year-old does love to trip.
  6. ‘kay
    Spoon-Bending Illusionist Claims He Burst Pipe, Blocked Brexit“I bent the pipes, and I won’t apologize, you all deserve it!” Uri Geller gloated.
  7. i want to believe
    This Candle Is Going to Make Me So RichIs spending money on a magic money-making candle dumb or genius?
  8. perception
    How to Fool People Into Thinking They Are Witnessing MagicThe profound power of priming.
  9. gallery
    Pushing the Outer Limits of PhotographyA new exhibit focuses on experimental works.
  10. abracadabra
    Texas Rep Wants Magic to Be a National TreasureWe need to focus on the real issues: magic.
  11. magic
    Jessica Biel Knows That Vaginas Are Magical ThingsShe’s into vibrators, too.
  12. decisions
    Magician-Scientist Kind of Reveals Card-Trick SecretHe’s studying decision-making … and magic. 
  13. food technology
    This App Is Magic, Pure MagicInvest in this magic food-wand.
  14. witches
    Adventures in Candle Magic and Minor WitcheryWiccan candles the spiritual equivalent of a $200 night cream?
  15. magic
    Aura Babies Are the New Celebrity BabiesHeidi Montag and Spencer Pratt invent a new type of thing you can do with your soul.
  16. zomg shoes
    Christian Louboutin Reinvents the Nude ShoeEvery woman is about to get long legs.
  17. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Prince Harry’s Rosy CheeksWe learned he likes wands and puppies.