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Make It Stop

  1. make it stop
    Please, God, No More DebatesThey don’t sway voters, and Trump refuses to follow the rules.
  2. make it stop
    Why Do Women Have a Harder Time Sleeping Than Men?Here’s what might be going on, plus tips that could help you get some effing shut-eye for a change.
  3. witch hunts
    Planned Parenthood Says Enough AlreadyThe group will no longer accept reimbursements for fetal tissue donated for medical research, even though it’s legal.
  4. beverages
    Grown-ups Still Buying Lots of Breast Milk OnlineThe thirst for “liquid gold” continues.
  5. make it stop
    Pools Are As Gross As You Thought They Were That stinging in your eyes? That’s urine.
  6. make it stop
    The Gap Questions Kim Kardashian’s ‘Reputation’She may have to testify in court.
  7. make it stop
    Kim Kardashian Is Suing Old NavyShe thinks she’s lost out on $20 million.
  8. make it stop
    Are ‘Onesie Parties’ a Thing? Or Unique to the Life of Whitney Port?She blogs about one such event she went to over the weekend.
  9. make it stop
    This $194 Outfit That Looks Like Two Pieces Is Actually One PieceHow lazy has this world become?
  10. make it stop
    College Students Know Everything You Never Needed to About Shredded ClothingWho else would the trend mean as much to?
  11. make it stop
    Cintra Wilson Terrified by the Jackets at Lilly PulitzerAnd you thought you knew garish.
  12. make it stop
    The New Creepy Crocs Mascot Is Popping Up on Billboards in SohoIt looks like an oversize bacterium.
  13. make it stop
    Lindsay Lohan May Have Found Another Design GigWith … Ed Hardy.
  14. make it stop
    Homeless Man in China Becomes Internet Fashion IconThis has gone too far.
  15. today in creepy
    You Could Be the Butt of American ApparelLiterally!
  16. make it stop
    Kim Kardashian to Show Her Bebe Line at Fashion WeekOh, this is THRILLING.
  17. make it stop
    Nina Garcia Previews New Project Runway Season, Threatens Us With the Return of Camo PrintsThe reality-show judge and tastemaker announces the frightening return of cargo pants.
  18. make it stop
    Affronts to Nature: Jimmy Choo and Ugg Pursue Godless CollaborationTamara Mellon to offer her take on the comfortable, much-derided sheepskin boot.
  19. make it stop
    Miley Cyrus Dresses Like a Hooker, Claims to Have ‘Started the Plaid Shirts’Her Wal-Mart line is very advanced.
  20. make it stop
    And Now: A Very Creepy AdA boutique in New Zealand is marketing with bothersome death imagery.
  21. make it stop
    Well, This Is One Way to Do Slutoween (NSFW)Just slap on some paint and thigh-high boots and run out the door, like our friend Kimbra.
  22. make it stop
    What Professional Woman Wants to Wear Lingerie As Clothing?And Rihanna doesn’t count as a professional woman.
  23. make it stop
    Heidi Montag’s Fashion Line Is Coming BackWhy does the world do this to us?
  24. make it stop
    News Anchors Now Churning Out Fashion Lines With Wild AbandonAnd by that we mean Al Roker and this other Minneapolis newscaster.
  25. make it stop
    The $6 Stirrup Pants Max Azria and Miley Cyrus Designed Together Are Now Available at Wal-MartAs a whole, the line isn’t actually that bad.
  26. Nordstrom Is Launching a Twilight LineIt’s the retail equivalent of selling out.
  27. make it stop
    Solange Is BaldHaven’t enough divas shaved their heads this summer?
  28. make it stop
    Vera Wang on Dancing With the Stars: A Very Real PossibilityWe’re not ready!
  29. make it stop
    American Apparel Has Gone Too FarThey’re trying to bring back the scrunchie.
  30. make it stop
    Max Azria Is Doing a Wal-Mart Line With Miley CyrusHer evil Disney powers must be stronger than we thought.
  31. make it stop
    Whitney Port Proves Jeggings Are a ‘Don’t’She has the legs to pull them off and they still don’t look nice.