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  1. always shopping
    Guess Who Made the Perfect Laptop Bag?Rhymes with Schmeverlane.
  2. business casual
    10 Non-Boring White Shirts to Wear to WorkTry a portrait neckline, delicate pleats, or puffy sleeves.
  3. business casual
    10 Cozy Sweater Dresses You Can Wear to WorkBecause these last few weeks of winter are the hardest.
  4. in her shoes
    The CEO Who Loves Gucci HeelsHunt & Gather’s Jolie Hunt-Potter can’t say no to fancy footwear.
  5. in her shoes
    What to Wear to One of the Scariest Jobs in FashionThe Standard Hotel’s Caitlin McConnell has to turn celebs away from the Met Gala after-party.
  6. in her shoes
    The Illustrator Who Refuses to Dress Her AgeMona Chalabi isn’t afraid to wear stuff from her teen years.
  7. in her shoes
    The MBA Who Dresses Like an ArtistKate Machtiger’s fashion influences range from Katharine Hepburn to Pee-wee Herman.
  8. in her shoes
    The Graphic Designer Who Loves a Comfy Pair of HeelsLaureen Moyal’s advice on how to dress for a creative yet casual workplace.
  9. business casual
    8 Pretty, Printed Blouses Under $125The easiest way to spice up your work wardrobe.
  10. in her shoes
    How to Dress for Work If You’re a Corporate LawyerAlana St. Aude isn’t afraid to add some personality to her work clothes.
  11. business casual
    9 Stylish and Comfortable Block Heels Under $150Don’t you love it when a trend is this work-appropriate?
  12. business casual
    9 Fall-Friendly Thin Sweaters Under $100Treat them like your favorite T-shirt.
  13. business casual
    Take Advantage of Fall Weather With a Long-Sleeved DressIt’s a street-style trend that translates to the office.
  14. business casual
    8 Pretty, Silky Blouses for Under $100The perfect complement to your cozy fall sweaters.
  15. business casual
    A Boxy Blazer Makes You Look CoolAnd nothing’s easier to wear.
  16. business casual
    12 Impressive-Looking Bags for Your Next Big MeetingBecause you can’t go in with a sloppy canvas tote.
  17. business casual
    Yes, You Can Wear Wide-Leg Pants to WorkThey’re a nice alternative to skirts.
  18. 9 White Shirts That Are More Interesting Than a Button-downLike your favorite basic, but with a little kick.
  19. business casual
    8 Pairs of Chic Flats Under $150 You Can Wear to WorkYou can wear them to the ground without guilt.
  20. business casual
    Take It From Claire Underwood: A Sheath Dress Commands PowerIt’s her uniform for good reason.
  21. business casual
    9 Comfy Skirts You Won’t Want to Rip Off at the End of the Work DayLet those legs breathe!
  22. business casual
    9 Pairs of Pretty Shoes to Stash in Your Desk for EmergenciesLike the Girl Scouts say, always be prepared.
  23. always shopping
    Shop This Cool Indie Site for Summer Clothes No One Else HasGarmentory carries labels you may have never heard of but you’ll love.
  24. business casual
    All You Need to Get Through Summer at the Office Is a Good Black DressIt’ll make you looked pulled together through the worst heat and humidity.
  25. business casual
    11 Sleeveless Tops That Still Look ProfessionalNo flimsy camisoles here.
  26. business casual
    11 Sophisticated Work Bags Under $250Because they’re the true workhorses of your closet.
  27. business casual
    A Patterned Skirt Is Your Secret Weapon for Getting Dressed in the SummerAll you need is a simple tank or button-down and you’re good to go.
  28. business casual
    9 Affordable Wrap Dresses That’ll Make Your Mornings EasierThrow it on and you’re dressed for the day.
  29. ahead of the curve
    Here’s Where to Buy Stylish Work Clothes for Curvy WomenMM. LaFleur extended their sizing to fit women who wear 14W to 22W.
  30. business casual
    Under-$100 Work Blouses That Aren’t WhiteThe best cheap fix for when you’re sick of everything in your closet.
  31. make it work
    Leslie Jones Is in a Steamy Saturday Night Live Love Triangle in This ShortYou know what they say about dating your co-workers …
  32. make it work
    The Best Leather Work Bags Are Under $400Overspending is for suckers.
  33. size matters
    Tim Gunn Challenges Designers to Make Clothes for Every Type of BodyHe would like them to, you know, “make it work.”
  34. make it work
    Yes, Someone Designed a Reversible Suit, and It’s Actually ChicArgent promises to make women’s workwear smarter.
  35. make it work
    11 Blouses to Make Your Work Wardrobe Less BoringThe easiest way to get dressed in the morning.
  36. make it work
    How to Dress for Your First JobWhether your office is corporate or creative.
  37. work accessories
    12 Head-Turning Pieces of Jewelry You Can Wear to WorkBecause a strand of pearls is so ’90s, and not in a good way.
  38. make it work
    9 Creative Outfit Ideas You Can Wear to Work in SummerMix and match to get your dream work wardrobe. 
  39. make it work
    How to Dress for Any Job InterviewOutfit ideas, whether you’re up for an internship or a big promotion.
  40. make it work
    Let Gigi Hadid and Solange Show You How to Dress for WorkBecause power-matching is back.
  41. make it work
    10 Easy Shirtdresses to Wear When You OversleepGo ahead, hit the snooze button one more time.
  42. styling ideas
    Outfit of the Week: A Work-Friendly ComboThe ideal pieces to wear as we head into fall.
  43. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars: Alligator Meets WidowIn which Joshua is as excited as a straight dude at a baseball game.
  44. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Skipping Beer ThursdayIn which Elie Tahari is exceedingly gracious.
  45. make it work
    Zac Posen Is Your New Project Runway Judge [Updated]He will replace Michael Kors for season eleven.
  46. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Every Picture Tells a StoryIn which the designers vie for space in an actual newspaper. Like olden times!
  47. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: ‘Everyone’s Last Gay Nerve’In which the designers get their graffiti on.
  48. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: Disco InferNOIn which Joanna Coles explains “the white-man’s overbite.”
  49. make it work
    Project Runway All Stars Recap: ‘I’m Thinking Stegosaurus’In which Joanna Coles zingers aren’t Tim Gunn zingers, but we make do.
  50. make it work
    Wendy Pepper Will ‘Mow Down’ Her Project Runway All Stars CompetitionGET EXCITED.
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