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Male Birth Control

  1. Why This Safe Male Birth Control Won’t Be Available in the U.S. Anytime SoonThe safe and affordable method hasn’t gotten much support from drugmakers.
  2. This New Male Birth-Control Method Is Like an IUD for GuysThe gel serves as a long-acting, reversible barrier.
  3. dreams come true
    We’re Finally One Step Closer to Birth Control for MenPop open the Champagne.
  4. New Male Birth Control Claims to Stop SpermThat’s one scary-looking light switch.
  5. pipe dreams
    The Reason We Don’t Have Male Birth Control Is Simpler Than You ThinkIt’s not just about money and gender politics.
  6. birth control
    Imagine a World in Which Men Took the PillWhy don’t we have oral contraceptives for men?
  7. pipe dreams
    There’s Yet Another Male-Birth-Control Concept in the WorksThis sounds a lot better than scrotal injections.
  8. sketch
    Male Birth Control Is Coming in 2018, Still Seems a Little Sketchy “It seems to be pretty durable; we expect it to last for years. We just don’t know how many yet.”
  9. just nerdy things
    We Still Don’t Have Male Birth Control But Hey, Here’s a New Prime NumberNerds, rejoice.
  10. temporary vasectomy
    Birth Control Pills for Men: Maybe Someday Soon?The “chemical snip.”