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Male Feminists

  1. advice
    Cecile Richards and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on How to Survive 2017As told to Katie Couric at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit last night.
  2. male feminists
    Jax Taylor From Vanderpump Rules Has Been Reborn As a Male FeministPass me a Pump-Tini, stat.
  3. the wokest bae
    Matt McGorry Will Out-Feminist You If It Kills HimThe actor shared some tips about how to tell if a guy is just calling himself a feminist to get laid.
  4. motherhood
    Anne-Marie Slaughter on Raising Men Who Do Housework“This is where I think we have to really challenge ourselves.”
  5. today in male feminism
    Poor Matt McGorry Just Trying to Be Feminist on TwitterGot more than he bargained for.
  6. taxonomies
    A Taxonomy of Men on International Women’s DayLet’s see how they’re holding up on this special day!
  7. male feminists
    Why Women Fell for James DeenThe porn star had a passionate female fan base and an unearned reputation as a feminist — until he was accused of rape.
  8. love and war
    15 Famous Men on Whether or Not They’re FeministsA favorite red-carpet question, addressed to the other gender.
  9. male feminists
    So, You’re a Male Feminist in an Open Marriage … ?Further questions for the couple behind last week’s divisive essay.
  10. can u not
    How Do You Spot a Male Feminist? He’ll Tell YouPlease join me in a resounding “nope” for the Male Feminists of New York Calendar.
  11. men
    Let Us Now Praise Portlandia’s Male-Feminist SketchSomeone give these fictional men an award!
  12. praxis and allies
    So You Want to Be a Male Feminist? Maybe Don’t.Professional “Good Guy” Charles Clymer and the hazards of male feminism.
  13. unlikely allies
    Rapper Lil B Is Your New Favorite Male FeministHe gets it.