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  1. fashion
    At the Russian Baths With the Big Boys of BrawnWelcome to the new frontier of plus-size male modeling.
  2. sexual harassment
    ‘You Could Have Just Beat Him Up. Why Didn’t You?’In the wake of their explosive allegations against fashion photographer Bruce Weber, two male models explain the complex dynamics of speaking out.
  3. crime
    Romance Novel Cover Model Pleads Guilty to Multiple RobberiesPolice embarked on a cross-country manhunt to find David Byers.
  4. Your Favorite Shame Crush Is Officially a Model NowHe joins Kate Upton and Ali Michael at Next Model Management
  5. male models
    This Male Model Has Appeared on More Romance Novel Covers Than FabioJason Baca talks romance-novel cover modeling and eating a ton of chicken breasts.
  6. encounter
    Fashion Week’s Hottest Male Model Loves Roller Coasters and Older WomenA trip to Coney Island with Jordan Barrett.
  7. male models
    Meet Bob Dylan’s Male-Model Grandson, LeviMeet Levi Dylan, age 22.
  8. the best laid thirst traps
    Man Uses Cat As Kettlebell for His Own Sick ThirstFree Jacob the cat. 
  9. video
    Watch This Sad Male Model Read His Poetry to YouBeautiful people have breakups, too.
  10. men getting dressed
    A Male Model on What It’s Like to Be Pretty‘‘One of  the first comments I remember getting back in high school was ‘You have amazing eyebrows.’’’
  11. profile
    Lucky Blue Smith Is the Most In-Demand Young Male Mormon Model on EarthThey call him “Little Fresh Meat” in China. (It’s very much a compliment.)
  12. leaders of the pack
    Watch Male Models Morph Into WolvesToday’s moment of Zoolander realness.
  13. coming soon
    Men’s Fashion Week Is Officially Coming to New YorkAnd with it, many an international street-style peacock. 
  14. hunks for days
    Abs and Side Hustles: 12 Interesting Male Models to Follow on InstagramFarmer twins, pilots, break-dancers, and so much more. 
  15. Watch the Prada Menswear Show Live-Stream What better way to start a Sunday afternoon?
  16. Watch the Burberry Prorsum Menswear Live-Stream Get your front-row seat!
  17. daily male
    Male Model: ‘Friday Night Is My Binge Night’“But then I always feel bad the next day.”
  18. fact sheet
    Get to Know Sean O’Pry, the World’s Top-Earning Male ModelHe made $1.5 million this year.
  19. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Philip Witts, VMan’s Newest Male-Model WinnerKarl Lagerfeld took his photo, and Ford gave him a contract.
  20. summer’s hottest maiters
    Wave Good-bye to Summer With Pictures of Gorgeous MaitersHors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and smoldering men.
  21. the male gaze
    Male Gaze: Mr. Porter’s Hot PaperboysExtra, extra! No, really, give us more.
  22. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Watch David Gandy Play a WomanizerHe has a thing for women’s shoes.
  23. (boy)friends in high places
    Calvin Klein’s Ex Nick Gruber Plots Momentous Runway ComebackHe’s baaack.
  24. daily male
    Twin Children Closed DSquared2’s Fashion ShowNot creepy, not creepy at all.
  25. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Greg Payne, Johnny Depp’s Model TwinThey even grow identical facial hair.
  26. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Marni’s Brooding Man for a Gloomy DaySometimes he’s even shirtless.
  27. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Tyson Beckford’s Exposed Left ThighIt’s unsheathed and shiny in British Cosmo.
  28. daily male
    Matthew Terry: ‘I’ve Been Working on My Core Since, Like, the Eighth Grade’His weakness? Dark chocolate.
  29. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Versace Eros’s Dark, Mysterious ModelDid somebody say Greek god?
  30. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Nautica’s Nameless, Shirtless ModelDressed only in flip-flops and board shorts.
  31. daily male
    Matthew Terry: Get to Know His Sensitive SideHe’s more than just a set of abs, people.
  32. wanna be in jail
    Top Model’s Rob Evans Turned Himself In to PolicePaid $60,000, went home.
  33. crazy lawsuits
    Lawsuit: Abercrombie Jet Requires Pantless StaffLike a preppy fetish party midair.
  34. gratuitous male objectification
    Watch Shirtless Male Models Offer to Buy You TamponsAnd other things you wish your boyfriend would do.
  35. daily male
    Bravo Has a New Male Model Reality Show in the WorksIt’ll be produced by Adam DiVello, of The Hills and The City.
  36. male nudity
    Terry Richardson Shot a Pair of Naked Twin ModelsIdentical twin male models, at that.
  37. gratuitous abs
    Shirtless Male Models at Jeffrey Fashion CaresIt’s as simple as that.
  38. daily male
    The (Inexact) Science of a Great Male-Model Runway WalkA casting director helps break down what guys have to do on the runway in order to succeed these days.
  39. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Fit To Be Tied at MANOh, to be the jelly in that male-model sandwich.
  40. hot shots
    Hot Shot: Male Models Looking Bored Backstage at General IdeaAlmost as bored-looking as they are good-looking.
  41. fashion’s night out
    Exclusive Video: Male Models Play Ken Dolls on Fashion’s Night OutKen is single and ready to mingle, apparently.
  42. model tracker
    Alexa Chung Upstaged by Dreamy Jon Kortajarena“I can’t help but dismiss her as mere furniture.”
  43. quotables
    Miss J. Figured Out What’s Wrong With Male Runway ModelsThe way they walk is just … odd.
  44. manty watch
    Model Noah Mills Adds a Slash to His Job TitleHe’s a model/actor now!
  45. beefcake
    Jesus Walks! Madonna’s Stud Hits the Runway for D&GDolce & Gabbana tap Luz for Milan show.
  46. hot men
    Check Out the Hot Men Madonna’s Appearing With in WWhy settle for one beefy, too tan baseball player when you can have four ideal specimens of foreigner?
  47. hot men
    Why Robert Pattinson’s Modeling Career FailedHe became too manly.
  48. model tracker
    Meet the New Guy: Ash StymestThe 17-year-old Brit is a favorite of Hedi Slimane’s and walked for Balenciaga’s spring 2009 show.
  49. scantily clad hotties
    Hot Male Models Play in the Pool, Fight With Stuffed AnimalsOh yeah, they’re shirtless too.
  50. model tracker
    Meet the New Guy: Armando CabralThe Lisbon native’s career is finally heating up in the States.
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