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Man Buns

  1. man bun woes
    Man Claims He Was Fired From British Airlines Because of His Man Bun“This stuffy old airline won’t allow me to have my hair as I like it.”
  2. man buns
    Kendrick Lamar Brought Back Man Buns in the ‘Loyalty’ VideoAnd they said it couldn’t be done.
  3. hairy situations
    Man Buns Have Made It to the Cover of the New YorkerThe struggle of the man bun is now a New Yorker cartoon.
  4. Laura Ingraham Calls Clinton Man-Bun of PoliticsClinton was also compared to skinny jeans.
  5. the end of a trend
    Man-Bun Meets Tragic, Gruesome End at Music FestivalPortlandia is back.
  6. illusions
    Prosthetic Man-Buns, for the Man Who Wants MoreRelief for the follicular challenged.
  7. man hair
    College Campus Bans Man-Buns, Making Them CoolerThe hairdo is too “extreme” for BYU-Idaho.
  8. male pattern baldness
    Man-Buns May Cause BaldnessHair karma comes for us all.
  9. the cut chatroom
    Man-Braids: The New Man-Bun?The Cut discusses Cary Fukunaga’s hair, and hotness.
  10. Leonardo DiCaprio and Man-Bun Reign Over Eternal SummerPaddleboarding into the blissful void. 
  11. man hair
    The Many Kinds of Man-Buns a Man Can HaveBehold this versatile hairstyle in action.
  12. ‘do or don’t of the day
    ’Do or Don’t of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Center Part A casual chignon.
  13. man buns
    Jared Leto May Wear a Wet Man-Bun to the OscarsIt’s just “really important that he doesn’t look like a woman.” 
  14. hairdos
    Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hair Is Finally Long Enough to Pull BackMan-bun alert.