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  1. manners
    Extremely Polite Woman Mails Stolen Art Back to MuseumHow thoughtful.
  2. subway etiquette
    ‘Baby on Board’ Buttons Will Give Subway Riders No Excuse for SittingThe MTA is also distributing “Please Offer Me a Seat” buttons.
  3. apple watch
    How Will the Apple Watch Change Good Manners?It depends on whether Apple can reprogram the meaning of a rude gesture.
  4. manners
    Your Sex Etiquette Guide to Sharing a Vacation HouseShe who bones loudest cooks breakfast, and other rules.
  5. the kids are not alright
    A Gossip App Brought My High School to a HaltImagine if everybody you knew in high school could anonymously broadcast the meanest things they ever thought.
  6. love thyself
    For Women, Is Masturbation the Last Sex Taboo?Men can joke about self-love, but it’s still transgressive when women do.
  7. best bets
    Best Bet: Russell + Hazel Thank-You CardsToday’s new thing is brought to you by Emily Post.
  8. manners
    And Now, Our Own Dos and Don’ts for Weekend HouseguestsDo: Bring wine with a twist-off cap. You don’t want to burden your host with finding a bottle opener.