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  1. WATCH: This Woman Traced the History of Manspreading Back CenturiesAnd civilizations.
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    Misguided Study Finds Manspreading Is SexyMen who adopt spread-out poses in their online photos are considered more attractive.
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    Men Hiding Behind ‘Science’ to Justify ManspreadingA likely story.
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    Cops Catch Murderer by Arresting Him for ManspreadingManspreader, murderer, or both?
  5. ‘Pussy Pouches’ Are Here to Combat ManspreadingWe spoke to designer Rachel Feinberg about her new line of bags.
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    Tea and Royal Manspreading at Kensington PalaceA Prince Harry special. 
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    Tom Hanks, a Nice Man, Mansplains ManspreadingA mangry tirade. 
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    The Daily Show Has Sympathy for the ManspreadersA tender message from Kristen Schaal.
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    What Happens When a Woman Walks Like a Man?Move aside, manspreading. There’s a new microaggression in town.