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Margaret Thatcher

  1. superstitions
    Margaret Thatcher Once Refused to Fly on a Plane With a PandaShe thought it was bad luck.
  2. The V&A Turned Down Margaret Thatcher’s WardrobeSo now it’s going up for auction.
  3. gallery
    Old Hollywood Through the Lens of a Pioneering Female PhotographerPhotojournalist Eve Arnold photographed everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Malcolm X.
  4. when getting dressed is hard
    Powerful Women and Their ‘Uniforms’: What I’ve LearnedConfidence takes you very far. And Hermès doesn’t hurt.
  5. hairy situations
    Vanessa Hudgens Is A Dead Ringer For Margaret ThatcherWhen you have beach-wave fatigue, go for the Iron Lady.
  6. handbagging
    Margaret Thatcher’s Purses Wildly Popular Since Her DeathLauner London saw a major spike in sales yesterday.
  7. scenes from a funeral
    The Man With a Margaret Thatcher Memorial TattooPictures and video from the Iron Lady’s funeral.
  8. Why Female Politicians Aren’t Always Pro-WomenThatcher, Palin, and whether parity in politics will create equality of the sexes.
  9. photobituary
    Margaret Thatcher: A Life in PicturesDancing with Reagan, riding in a tank.
  10. popscorn
    Rodarte Celebrates Stem-Cell Scientists in the New Issue of PopIt’s either weird enough to work or not weird enough at all.