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  1. brooding
    What If You Just Didn’t Clean That Up?Our ideas about cleanliness are stuck in the mid-20th century. Today, women can afford to care less.
  2. sparking joy
    Marie Kondo Has ‘Kind of Given Up’ on Being NeatValidation for messy homes everywhere.
  3. tidying up
    The Queen of Decluttering Would Like to Sell You Some ThingsBecause your house is empty after tidying up.
  4. niche drama
    This Tidying Drama Is Extremely MessyLinda “The Beverly Hills Organizer” Koopersmith is claiming Marie Kondo stole her signature folding method.
  5. kids
    Does This Children’s Book Spark Joy?Marie Kondo’s new book will teach kids how to “tidy” and “embrace joy.”
  6. tidying up
    Marie Kondo Is Sending Hypebeasts Into Emotional Distress“Wife watched Marie Kondo and is making me sell this shirt.”
  7. 2019 academy awards
    Marie Kondo Sparks Joy at the OscarsJoy and also memes.
  8. keeping up with kondo
    Marie Kondo Has an Extremely Organized Skin-Care RoutineHer makeup artist tells us all about her favorite beauty products.
  9. culture
    The Marie Kondo Book Drama Does Not Spark JoyLetting go of this discourse.
  10. shopping
    Get In, Losers: We’re Going ThriftingThe Marie Kondo effect has transformed vintage stores into shopping meccas.
  11. an investigation
    Are People Really Flooding the Container Store Because of Marie Kondo?A short investigation into a maybe-trend.
  12. forget tidying up!
    Books That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Messy HouseTitles for the counter-Kondo.
  13. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Organizational Guru Marie KondoThe author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up on her morning routine, Google Docs, and why she doesn’t worry about sleep.
  14. spark joy
    Ironically, Netflix Is Adding a Marie Kondo SeriesDeclutter your Netflix queue by watching only Marie Kondo.
  15. stranger things
    25 Famous Women on Their Strangest HabitsAmy Poehler, Rebel Wilson, Chrissy Teigen, and more, on the weird habits they can’t shake.
  16. stuff
    The Minimalists Want You to Be Happy With LessAnd in a country where many struggle, they’ve found a huge audience.
  17. bearing children
    Marie Kondo’s 2-Year-Old Can Fold Socks With Surprising ExactnessA delightful update on the organizational guru, now a mother of two.
  18. spring fashion issue
    Ali Wong Loves Kondo-ing So Much, She Named Her Daughter After ItWhat she has in her tour rider and why she thinks Steve Harvey was wrong.
  19. sxsw diary
    Marie Kondo Is the Best Cult Leader at SXSWA dispatch from the festival’s first weekend, featuring the queen of tidying and Jill Soloway.
  20. swellness
    25 Famous Women on How They RelaxOprah, Yoko Ono, Gisele Bündchen, and more women on finding inner calm.
  21. purge or be purged
    Introducing the Purge, a Rage-Based Cleaning MethodA necessary corrective to the KonMari approach.
  22. life-changing magic
    The Problem With Marie Kondo’s Second BookFrom anti-consumption messiah to multi-tier consumable.
  23. kondo krazy
    Are You Ready for Another 9 Years of Marie Kondo?“Does it spark joy?”
  24. dvr this
    Your Favorite Self-Help Book Will Soon Be a TV ShowA show based on Kondo-ing will absolutely spark joy.
  25. cleaning in
    De-Cluttering Is the New Juice Cleanse (and Equally Annoying)Stop telling me about The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.
  26. The 4 Best Parts of Marie Kondo’s Talk Last NightThe tidying guru shared her wisdom on skinny jeans, painful heels, and more. 
  27. Watch the Marie Kondo 92Y Talk LivestreamAt 8:15 p.m.
  28. life-changing magic
    A Baby: The Ultimate Tidying Challenge?Marie Kondo is having a child.
  29. principles
    Alas, I Will Never Actually De-Clutter My HouseMarie Kondo sounds great, but I believe in the principle of “perfectly good.”
  30. does it spark joy?
    Jamie Lee Curtis Consults Sigourney Weaver About Her Next TattooInspired by Marie Kondo.
  31. the hit list
    14 Glorious, Funny Moments From Fashion WeekAnna took Advil, North West found a monkey, and so much more.